The Flash Looks Damn Good in a Chuck

The year I started Junior High School (7th Grade) I discovered Flash. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I went to Catholic School and our graduating class (8th Grade) had 8 or 10 kids in it, pretty small eh? You can imagine the town it was located in was equally tiny. Of course, every small town has some sort of tiny comic book store in it in my experience and that would be the case here. After school one day I was waiting for a friend in said small town and wandered into the comic book store on the corner and discovered and purchased my first every copy of a Flash comic book.

Since that time, I’ve accumulated many older versions as well as new and spent too much money doing so but it’s a collection I’m very proud of.

And you guessed it, I could not let a pair of Flash Converse pass me by….behold…

I loves ’em!

P.S. If you have plans to order any of the Converse DC Collection beware, they ship with a 45 lace and sport an 8 eyelet design. I highly suggest adding a 54 lace to your cart when checking out to get the best lace up on the sneaker. Just my opinion!

  • 12/1/11 10:13 Ruth:

    WOWZERZ!! those are awesome! are you just as quick as The Flash when you wear them?? =) did you get 2 pairs, one to wear and one to admire??


  • 12/1/11 11:33 Majick:

    Catholic school huh? That explains alot – mee toooo. (ugh)
    LOVE the chucks! :-)


  • 12/3/11 15:50 clementine:

    I am more of a Marvel girl, but I love that you post about comics and sci-fi. 😀


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