Almay Smart Shade Perfect Correct Primer Clear

Almay pretty much loves introducing Smart Shade products, ya know, those products that promise to morph and turn into your perfect shade of blush, foundation, etc…

I don’t have alot of details about their new Almay Smart Shade Perfect Correct Primer Clear but it appears to be a clear primer with color pigments for correcting and brightening skin, don’t quote me but that’s what I gather from this one.

It does look like Stila’s One Step Primer but mostly it reminds me of the T-Virus.

It’s available now at for $13.99.

I think I might go ahead and indulge.

  • 12/27/11 11:29 Amber:

    The stila primer is my absolute fave, but it’s so darn expensive. If this could replace it I’d be forever grateful to almay, although I don’t really have high hopes for this one. I’ll wait till the reviews start to come in.


  • 12/27/11 12:13 April:

    I tried this on. It is horrible. Heavy and leaves the weirdest cast on your face.


  • 12/28/11 8:11 SARA:

    Got this today and I LOVE IT!!! Took the red out of my skin immediately! I did not like Stilas…left my skin red. This is a keeper!


  • 12/31/11 13:23 Ruthless:

    This is a really moisturizing formula, I can use it as a moisturizer (since I don’t have dry skin) but it doesn’t really do much in the way of correcting skin tone. If you don’t like silicone primers you might like this. Up in Canada it’s pretty expensive almost 17 bucks which I wouldn’t pay for (I got a sample from the beauty counter)


  • 1/4/12 3:24 Jessica:

    I found the Stila one step primer at Costco in packs of three for around $13 I believe. Last time I checked they were on sale on Stila’s website too.


  • 4/10/12 13:23 Tina:

    Not impressed – don’t notice a change at all. Won’t buy again- in fact, I ‘m returning it tomorrow.


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