Avon Ultra Color Rich White Gold Lipstick Review, Swatches, Photos

About a week or two ago I recommended some Avon Ultra Color Rich White Gold Lipstick for stuffing stockings with. At $2.99 these are a steal.

I happen to love the “gold” range that Avon has done in the past. 24K Gold, Rose Gold, and now White Gold. All the collections have proved excellent in my opinion.

Here’s a little review and swatches of the White Gold Lipstick Collection!

If you’re a lover of great lipsticks I recommend checking these because you won’t find a better lipstick at $2.99. The formula is creamy, they have a nice slick glide with a moisturizing feel and a lovely hint of shimmer finish. Truly Avon excels at creating a super lipstick formula.

The downside would be they do have a rather strong watermelon taste and scent so if you’re a bit sensitive do be aware. Also, sadly, once the lipstick fades they leave a film of shimmer behind which isn’t particularly flattering. I’m not one for touching up gloss and lipstick as the day progresses so it is rather unflattering to have a shimmery film on my lips sans lip color after this has worn away but a touch up cures all or a swipe of a tissue to get it off.

There are six shades available and the ones I picked up were (swatched from left to right, pictured from bottom to top):

  • Golden Berry (plummy purple berry)
  • Glitzy (bronze-y light tan you can see me wearing this shade by clicking here)
  • Platinum Pink (soft, delicate pink)
  • Cocoa Express (mauve-y brown)

As I mentioned Avon really knows how to create great lipstick formulas. These are infused with real 24k gold shimmer but I actually feel like the flecks look like silver. Either way they have a rather lovely metallic, shimmery sheen with a full color pay off and a very comfortable, lightweight wear.

Overall, at $2.99 I can’t think of a single lipstick that delivers such a promising formula as Avon Ultra Color Rich White Gold Lipstick.

Available at shop.avon.com

Very Muse Approved for beauty stocking stuffing everywhere!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 12/9/11 16:12 AS:

    They claim in their brochures to have “real 24K white gold” in this formula. Such a thing is impossible- 24K gold is, well gold-colored. White gold is an alloy and is usually 14K or 18K, at best, about half gold and half other metals. What a turnoff. Do they think we are stupid?


    • 12/10/11 11:31 sylvia:

      As a matter of fact, yes they do lol


  • 12/9/11 17:51 Ana:

    i’ve been lemming these since you posted about them being $2.99 — but i can’t get them here in the netherlands. ):

    back in the states my mom was an avon rep and i grew up on some avon products. the 24k gold lipsticks were some of my favorite! and even if they don’t actually contain real gold specks, at $2.99 each you can’t really beat the price for the quality you get.

    all that said, thanks for the review and swatches. if i ever came across these (excluding evilbay! they’re running for crazy prices compared to $2.99) i’d buy them in every shade.


    • 12/13/11 11:22 the Muse:

      hey ana aw sorry to hear you can’t snag them! E-bay sometimes has a deal or two depends though :-/ they really are a nice little formula!


  • 12/9/11 18:36 Hai Dao L:

    ooh, I love the Platinum Pink shade ^^


  • 12/9/11 20:33 katherine:

    I have to agree with you Muse about Avon lippies. To me they are on par with EL or Lancome. Their lipglosses are fantastic too.


    • 12/13/11 10:56 the Muse:

      AGREED Katherine, excellent lippie formula!


  • 12/9/11 23:14 Sara:

    Oh wow, those are awesome! I checked out avon when you mentioned them being on sale but didn’t think any of the colors left would suit me. Now I wish I’d grabbed the damn things anyway! They’re awesome! Thanks for giving a lipstick addict the shakes. :p


    • 12/13/11 10:54 the Muse:

      ha sara ;-D glad you enjoyed the swatches def a cool deal!


  • 12/10/11 10:12 Majick:

    I think the bronzy color looked beautiful on you. I think this type of product looks good when I first put it on; however, I hate when lippies or glosses leave behind that diamond dust finish after some wear. Half the time it ends up migrating to my chin and below as well. Really not a good look for those passed the pixie stage of life.


    • 12/13/11 9:49 the Muse:

      aw thanks majick! mmm yeah it’s a pain in the butt! no problems with migration thankfully but the after glitter isn’t awesome :-/


  • 12/10/11 11:21 Del:

    Hiya Muse! How does it compare to the 24k gold series? An even stronger watermelon taste or similar? And do the gold flecks look better than the “silver” ones? Not trying to look like snooki haha


    • 12/12/11 16:53 the Muse:

      stronger taste dell and I like the looks of the gold flecks in the 24k series better, they are a silver-ish gold. Not too snooki but I really like the gold compared to the white gold but for $2.99 nice glide, moisturizing, and excellent color pay off!


  • 12/11/11 8:44 Alix:

    These lippies are so pretty, it’s frustrating that they had to go and add a heavy scent (watermelon, really???) MAC, Laura Mercier… there are entire brands of lipstick I can’t buy because I’m sensitive to the fragrance. Boo…!


  • 1/19/12 15:42 jerseygrrrl78:

    Wow, I had no idea Avon made such great lipsticks! I picked up Cocoa Express and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Thanks for the review!


    • 1/19/12 15:43 the Muse:

      my pleasure jerseygirl ;-D


  • 1/21/12 6:05 Jane:

    I own two from the original collection. I was about to do away with them because I don’t reach for them anymore. Thanks for reminding me how pretty and wearable they are. These new items look promising. 😃


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