Benefit Cosmetics Hervana Flash Sale

It’s on!

Benefit Hervana is available today, for one day only, at

You can also get it at,, &

Enjoy and do tell me if you hauled it!

  • 12/5/11 8:31 Jess:

    I just ordered it!!! :)


  • 12/5/11 8:41 Courtney:

    Totally ordered it from Sephora this morning. I can’t wait!


  • 12/5/11 9:10 Rok:

    The box makes me think of Care Bears….I don’t know how i feel about that. LOL


  • 12/5/11 9:24 Prairie Peg:

    I got mine ordered this morning! Can’t wait to receive this little beauty!


  • 12/5/11 9:36 Littlecreek:

    Mine is on its way! That VIB gift card came at the perfect time!


    • 12/5/11 11:16 Sarah S.:

      I used my VIB gift card, and hauled it too! *high fives*


      • 12/5/11 11:46 Littlecreek:



    • 12/5/11 11:57 MC:

      Joining the “I used my VIB gift card to haul Hervana club.” too lol.


    • 12/5/11 12:20 Littlecreek:

      We need a clubhouse and a secret handshake. :)


    • 12/5/11 14:24 Sara:

      Me three! Crazy! I wasn’t going to get it….but it looks pretty and light and with that giftcard it was only eight bucks. Who could say no?


    • 12/5/11 14:44 Krista:

      Me too! YAY!


  • 12/5/11 9:49 kiwikiwidragon:

    I was super bad, I was going to order the Nars palette but it was sold out >_<!!
    So I ordered Hervana, Hot Mama, a set from Lorac, and the peach gloss from Philosophy plus that bag with the code "fromsephora" all that was left was hello kitty, I would have preferred tokidoki, but i had waited til the last minute on that one. I also used my VIB $20…sweet!


  • 12/5/11 11:14 Cj:

    Ordered it this morning too :) Can’t wait to get it!


  • 12/5/11 13:09 Jenn:

    I ordered mine when it went up on Sephora’s site late last night :-) Used my VIB GC….however I also managed to haul way more than blush, go figure. 😛 I sooo can’t wait to get it and try it out!


  • 12/5/11 13:38 trusting-you:

    i heard about this from your website (yay!) and i totally ordered it yesterday. it gave me an excuse to use my $15 sephora gift card that they sent me. and i ordered my mother in law her bday/xmas gift as well. yay! can’t wait for it to get here.


  • 12/5/11 15:50 Resa:

    Just hauled it! Got that along with a Skyn Iceland face cream I’d been eyeing for a long time! Used the VIB gift card and the 10% off code, so I basically got the blush for free!

    Muse, I had a question for you! I didn’t know where to direct it, but I was just wondering because I got some Face Stockholm stuff. I was wondering if you still had your powder foundation from there and what shade you were? Thanks!


  • 12/5/11 18:22 stace:

    I was wanting this but hate to spend that much $ on a blush. But when I was seeing that a lot of people used their $15 gift card, I was leaning towards it more! But I used my $20 gift card that I got for the VIB, although my sister had a $15 one! My point is, I thought it had to be $50 or more in order to use it but I tried it with just this blush and it ended up working! Mind you, there was shipping because it wasn’t at $50, but it ended up being $20 and change! Which at that price, makes it a bit easier to swallow!


    • 12/5/11 23:01 Sara:

      Yeah, I saw people talking about the loop hole. I..uh…ended up doing the $50 anyway to pick up a last minute present for someone else. Sure was nice to get free shipping on a $35 order, though.


  • 12/5/11 22:04 Zoelarue:

    It’s coming home to mommy! (I ordered it from sephora)


  • 12/5/11 23:16 Mara:

    I ordered it last night around 11/11:30pm eastern time. I also ordered a lipgloss set to get free s&h (which now makes no sense $22/$25 lipgloss set vs like $5 s&h?! lol) and used my $15 gift card!! but shhh don’t tell my mom she doesn’t know i “wasted more money on stuff i won’t wear” lol


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