Bourjois Paris Eye Pearls Quintet Eyeshadow Palettes


How I miss you Bourjois Paris!

Bourjois Paris Eye Pearls Quintet Eyeshadow Palettes are a brand new variation of the Bourjois Paris Smoky Eye Palettes I reviewed for you a year or two ago. I’m quite excited about this release but so sad that it proves very difficult to find anything new by Bourjois here in the states.

Le sigh!

Yearnings ahead.

Bourjois Paris Eye Pearls Quintet Eyeshadow contain five pearly, shimmery, satiny shades of shadow that you can mix and match to create various looks!

Each shade in the palette plays a part at creating a single look but you can of course combine the shades as you like.

  • The illuminator is ideal to brighten up the eyes when applied under the brow or to the inner corner of the eye
  • Use the satiny tone over the whole eyelid to blend.
  • Apply the darkest shade as a liner along the upper lashline to outline the eye contour.
  • Apply little touches of shimmer to add sparkle to your eyes
  • Apply the sculptor to the outer corner for shape.

Shades Include:

  • Creation (blue, grey and black hues)
  • Illusion (pink, mauve and violet hues)
  • Sublimation (beige, brown and gold hues)
  • Revelation (green and khaki hues)

I don’t have a confirmed price yet but will keep you updated. Hopefully some online seller will be offering these at a decent price, perhaps ASOS?

What do you think of them?



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  • 12/20/11 21:39 TK:

    Wow, they look gorgeous! I’m really interested in Illusion and Creation, but I would buy them all! I really love the look in the photo too! Maybe I should try that look for Christmas? But maybe with some sparkles!


  • 12/21/11 0:31 Christine:

    I majorly lusted these while at Superdrug in London, but they turned out pretty disappointing!

    First of all those pearls are absolutely tiny. Probably wouldn’t have a problem getting a brush on them due to the way they’re separated, but I remember thinking that you should be getting so much more product for the pretty steep price (which unfortunately I don’t remember…). And then when I swatched them most shades were far more sheer than I expected!

    No big loss that we can’t get these here, for sure. Now as for Bourjois’ Healthy Mix foundation… Need it in the states!!


    • 5/15/12 12:43 JennieLovesJLS:

      I Totally Agree With You There! I Live In The UK And When I Went To Superdrug I Swatched Them And TBH I Wasnt Suprised That They Were Lacking Picgment Because I Tried The Smokey Eyes Palletes (Wth 3 Shadows) And You’d Have To Use So Much Of The Shadow To Get A Decent Payoff Unless You Buy Single Shadows The Pigment If Ridiculously Awful Especaially For The Price (In My Superdrug These Were £8.99 Which Is Ridicously Over – Priced Considering You Can Get 12 Shadows Wth Incredble Pigement From Sleek For Only £6.99)


  • 12/21/11 2:01 janet:

    the third palette is absolutely gorgeous!


  • 12/21/11 8:07 Malice:

    Woot one product we do have in australia. Tempting.


  • 12/21/11 8:54 Karrie:

    These quints are really pretty. I haven’t been to Ulta in a long time, but they used to carry Bourjois. I don’t see it online though.


    • 12/21/11 9:14 the Muse:

      some ulta’s do but they never get any newly released products :-/


  • 12/21/11 9:10 Kelly:

    I have never tried any eyeshadows by Bourjois Paris.


  • 12/21/11 9:15 Angelic Mariposa Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

    Hi Muse…I really wonder why Bourjois went away…when I loved them so!! These look great!! I’ve been trying to get my hands on their Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing (chocolate)!! NY needs Boots and Superdrug ASAP!!


    • 12/21/11 9:17 the Muse:

      I think the bronzer is on ASOS angelic :) I’d die if we got a superdrug 😀


      • 12/21/11 23:17 Wendy A.:

        I second the motion and excitement.


      • 12/22/11 22:45 Angelic Mariposa })i({:

        NYC would be a perfect location for Superdrud!! I’d hop the metro north in an heartbeat!!


      • 12/22/11 22:47 Angelic Mariposa })i({:

        NYC would be a perfect location for Superdrud!! I’d hop the metro north in an heartbeat!! Love your blog!!


        • 12/23/11 9:57 the Muse:

          hells YES! :)


  • 12/24/11 0:45 Cristi:

    These are quite nice looking. I miss Bourjois so much sometimes… ; ;


  • 1/6/12 20:47 Bora:

    Hi Muse!
    We have these in London and they’re lovely but teeeeeeny tiiiiiiiny. Not the palette itself but the small domes of eyeshadow are small, no bigger than the tip of a pencil eraser. It’s great for those who like trying out colours and aren’t bothered about quantity but if you’re going to be using it on a daily basis it ain’t gonna last long!! On the plus side they’re pigmented and more user friendly than the usual Bourjois baked powders eyeshadows.


  • 1/6/12 20:48 Bora:

    (gives longtime no comment wave!!!)


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