Estee Lauder DayWear Anti-Oxidant BB Creme SPF 35

I’ve reviewed Estee Lauder Cyber White Extra Intensive BB Cream in a prior post. This was introduced in Japan about a year or so ago. We won’t be getting the Cyber White version but Estee Lauder is releasing a BB Cream.



Available in two shades this lightweight BB Cream promises moisture, protection (SPF 35), and an antioxidant rich formula that controls excess oil.

It’s $38 and is available now at Nordstrom.

  • 12/30/11 16:28 Larie:

    So many good things are coming out! My poor, poor wallet :(


  • 12/30/11 18:36 anita:

    Do you know if its exclusive to Nordstrom or will it be available in other department stores? thanks.


  • 12/31/11 7:20 Christina:

    Ooo…might have to check this out; I got a Nordies gift card for my birthday…


  • 12/31/11 9:46 Katrosado:

    Yea! Not for me, my skin is way too mature for B&B but my middle and younger daughters. Can’t wait to stop by Nordies with them and let them try. Thanks Muse!


  • 1/1/12 9:48 Renee:

    WOW, who knew? I cant wait for your review on this, Muse :)


  • 1/2/12 0:22 MRSB:

    I feel a little jaded! BB cream isn’t offered for deep skin tones. Smashbox has one, but no where deep enough. Sigh…guess I need to keep looking at tinted moisturizers, lol!


  • 1/3/12 19:14 katherine:

    Welp not dark enough for either of my girls still at home. (one that is one shade lighter than me and one that is a couple shades darker than me and I’m currently a MAC 37). Le sigh.


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