Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation Review, Swatches, Photos

Seriously, doesn’t Koh Gen Do evoke images of Pat Morita telling Ralph Macchio to wax on, wax off!

Don’t hate on me but I was a total cheerleader for the Cobra Kai bastards, what? Daniel was just so annoying at times I wanted to bitch slap him.

Koh Gen Do may sound like the intricate art of karate but it’s actually a makeup collection that recently launched at Sephora and Sephora.com.

Take a look!

Koh Gen Do, unknown to me, has been around for a while. Surprised I never heard of this one considering my track record with Asian cosmetics but I’ve never heard of it until it recently launched at Sephora.

Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation was one of the first products that captured my interest when I started exploring the brand. Moisture? Yes. I needed that for sure! My skin is dry so I definitely lean towards creamy foundation products but not watery liquids.

Moisture Foundation is exactly the time of foundation I prefer using as it has a sheer finish to perfect while offering lightweight, hydrating coverage. If you typically like BB Creams, sheerer foundation products, or tinted moisturizers you’ll love Moisture Foundation. This isn’t extremely pigmented so don’t expect it to hide major problem areas however it will even skin tone, perfect skin, and creates a beautifully smooth working canvas for makeup.

The beauty of the foundation is no matter how much you put on the coverage remains natural and lightweight. Light reflecting powder particles diffuse the appearance of finer lines or duller skin giving it a lit from within finish. The formula also lacks fragrance, parabens, synthetic dyes, and phthalates.

With a base that contains over 60% water this absorbs beautifully and leaves behind a dewy finish without accentuating my dry areas. Wear time varies but I can get around four to five hours in before it starts to show fading. This is a fairly good wear time for me as many foundations oxidize quickly on my skin.

Sadly, Moisture Foundation doesn’t come cheap. A 0.71 oz tube will set you back $62. I’m debating whether or not I feel it’s worth it but I have a funny feeling I’ll repurchase this. One thing I liked about the foundation is the fact they have medium fair shades that actually work for fairer skin with yellow or dark undertones. Normally medium fair shades have a TON of beige in them which in turn makes my skin duller but this line had just the right shades to suit my tone. The shade swatched here is 113 which is almost a perfect fit for me!

Overall, Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation is a tad on the expensive side but it felt like a worthy purchase and made me quite curious about other products in the collection particularly the concealer. I think it’s a bit much to spend on foundation but I can see myself indulging in this one again should I run out.

I liked it.


Anyone try?

Do share!

Learn more at Sephora.com and www.kohgendocosmetics.com


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  • 12/14/11 11:37 Nana:

    I have THE biggest crush on Ralph Macchio in karate kid <3<3<3 XDDD

    Thank you for doing this review, Muse! I have been quite curious about this foundation myself but it seems like an investment O.O


    • 12/14/11 11:39 the Muse:

      lol not so much anymore hey nana? gosh when did he get so old ;-D it is a bit pricey ouch! but the formula is actually very nice!!!!!!!!!! ;-D


      • 12/14/11 11:43 Nana:

        LOL!!!! No he is not AS cute anymore, but he is not ugly for an, erm, “older” man xD Did you see him on Dancing With the Stars?? He was sooo good!
        And I definitely will invest in this foundation one day ^^


        • 12/14/11 12:08 the Muse:

          hey nana it’s his weird comb over that gives him that old man look ;-D he should spike it up! ;-D I didn’t, I’ve never watched DWTS but my sister swears by it lol. ;-D


  • 12/14/11 11:49 Regina:

    I still have a big crush on him :)

    I’ve purchased their Cleansing Spa Water from Sephora, it’s never in stock so you gotta be quick. It’s like a toner/cleanser and it’s fantastic! I would definitely buy it again.


    • 12/14/11 12:08 the Muse:

      I have it I have it must try it regina ;-D!


  • 12/14/11 14:00 Jennifer:

    This is my new favorite foundy! I wear 113 too, looks more natural than anything else. I got it during VIB week, so the price didn’t hurt so bad, but when I run out, I’ll definitely be wincing a bit. It was an expensive discovery, but I’m glad for it!


    • 12/14/11 14:08 the Muse:

      Jennifer really hearting this at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!! I really liked the feel, my dry skin sucked it right up ;-D! I want to try the concealer next. I’ve never paid $62 for foundation before, $50 at most. ;-D so this is a bit pricey my foundation stards!


  • 12/14/11 14:50 stef:

    I’m so glad to see this review. I’m so intrigued by Koh Gen Do, it’s my favorite brand that I’ve never tried


  • 12/15/11 6:05 Holly:

    Ack!! I was eyeing this foundation hard core when I had my VIB $20 gift card. How does it compare to BB creams? (my current love!).


    • 12/15/11 8:37 the Muse:

      holly a bit sheerer than a bb cream, creamy though like one :)


      • 12/15/11 14:02 Holly:

        Ugh, you are such an enabler!! I wish my local Sephoras had this line in stock so I could get an idea for shade. I’m super Casper pale – any insight?


        • 12/15/11 14:17 the Muse:

          not sure holly my store doesn’t have them in stock either so I haven’t seen any swatches outside of web ones :(


  • 12/16/11 16:19 aisha:

    did you know the makeup artist for GLEE uses this foundation on everyone on the show?


  • 8/28/12 4:39 Elizabeebee:

    I’m MAC nw15 and realllly want this foundation but they wont send the trial kit to Australia so I have to guess as to what color I might be… any suggestions??


  • 1/21/13 19:31 Sabrina O:

    They also used this foundation on All My Children, it is really popular! I tried the Aqua Foundation, got so many compliments on my skin, but the color was a little too yellow for me. Since it is an Asian company, most of the colors will be mostly yellow based and not for the general public.

    If you go to the LA professional beauty suppliers they have them for you to try.


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