Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance Review, Swatches, Photos

Laura Mercier only you could make me a believer that a glowing, radiance primer is brilliant.

Typically I avoid glowy, pearly foundation, bb cream, and primer products. I have a full, round face and adding glow to it just makes me look odd.

So I did head into my Laura Mercier Radiance Foundation Primer with feet dragging and caution in the wind.

I came out of the experience pleasantly surprised.

Yup, everyone’s favorite hydrating primer is now available in Radiance formula. Same great, hydrating formula here but now a bit of radiance and glow is added to the mix.

I’ve always loved Laura’s primer since I have dry skin and silicon laden primer simply don’t do the job for me. Laura’s version absorbs easily, preps skin perfectly for powders and creams, and sets the foundation for all my makeup with a formula that provides lasting foundation coverage.

Her new Radiance formula I was a little wary of since I don’t typical migrate towards glow-y foundation primers or products of any kind. This one contains light diffusing properties that will give skin that glow from within finish. The formula is a bit on the runnier side and isn’t a gel like the original but it still applies and absorbs easily leaving behind a very subtle glowing effect. I find it works best on makeup free skin with a little cheek stain on top for a more natural finish. When I applied it under foundation it kinda of faded away into the background however on top of it, it adds a bit of a glowing light but of course, defeats the purpose of being a foundation primer when applied under foundation products.

The shade is a pearl beige that reflects peach. It’s a very natural glowing finish as the beige compliments most skin tones while the peach gives just the right amount of light to your face. There isn’t any shimmer, sparkle, or glitter in the mix here only a hint of iridescence is left behind however do apply sparingly as you could potentially over do it and end up looking a little too glow-y.

If you’re talented enough, I’m not, you can use it to highlight specific areas on your face such as cheek and brow bones.

Overall, Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance is like candlelight in a squeeze tube. It gives the perfect healthy glow to face and cheeks without every looking over done. I prefer using it sans foundation as it offers a natural, fresh look. If you’re a highlighter junkie of sorts you’ll absolutely love this one.

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  • 12/22/11 15:33 Cj:

    I saw this pop up on the new products page on sephora, was really tempted but I didn’t exactly know what it was. Did you try using some MIXED in with your foundation? That’s what a lot of people do with products like this. Anywho, I have a soft spot for LM so I’ll pick this up soon :)


    • 12/22/11 15:37 the Muse:

      naaa didn’t do the mix in with my foundation thing 😀 but you could if you want but it might not be a huge difference since the glow is so subtle it’ll be overpowered by a pigmented base. You can add a little on your arm and gentle pick it up and place it in areas that natural light hits or you can use on bare skin for a glow. ;-D


  • 12/22/11 15:56 Nana:

    Hi Muse!
    I have a question if you don’t mind :)
    I understand that this primer doesn’t exactly make your makeup last longer… but does the original make it last longer?
    Really looking for a primer that makes my makeup last SUPER long 😀
    Any suggestions?


    • 12/22/11 15:58 the Muse:

      naa doesn’t do super long nana. It does allow it to remain fresh which in turn keeps it from oxidizing but it really doesn’t prolong it for SUPER long wear hun. I haven’t really quite found the primer that does that yet ;-D I get the best wear and longest wear with a bb cream even without primer.


      • 12/22/11 16:00 Nana:

        Thanks! 😀

        I’m gonna try UD’s De-Slick under and over my makeup and see if it does any good ^_^ *crosses fingers*!


        • 12/22/11 16:05 the Muse:

          that’s actually one of the better sprays they put out, it does help alot. Also their deslick in a tube is AMAZING if you have oily skin!


          • 12/22/11 16:09 Nana:

            I’ve been contemplating between those two but I decided to go with the spray and if I don’t feel like it works I’ll probably exchange it for the gel 😀 I’ve also been thinking about LM’s primer but haven’t tried any of her products so I can’t be sure, but i LOVE UD and am a follower of theirs so I’m going to stick with them 😀

          • 12/22/11 19:11 HapaGirl84:

            Not sure where you live but I really like the Etude House Dr. Oil primer (available in Asia or by online seller). That stuff kept my makeup in place during a humid summer spent in Malaysia 😉

  • 12/22/11 16:00 Nana:

    De-Slick spray*


  • 12/22/11 20:03 Nikki:

    Yay! I have used the primer but never their foundation! thanks for sharing !


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