Laura Mercier Lingerie Eye & Cheek Palette for Spring 2012

Laura Mercier Lingerie Eye & Cheek Palette for Spring 2012 will be releasing shortly. This one is bursting with some of the season’s loveliest shades.


  • Laura Mercier Matte Eye Colours in Rich Cocoa, Pale Pink, Black Plum
  • Laura Mercier Sateen Eye Colour in Tawny Apricot
  • Laura Mercier Luster Eye Colour in Buff Pearl and African Violet
  • Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Rose Desire and Fresh Peach

Combining warm corals and modern peaches with alluring shades of brown and taupe this palette gives you a Spring fresh look!

Laura Mercier Lingerie Eye & Cheek Palette will be available for a limited time in January for $60 at Laura Mercier counters and online at

  • 12/20/11 11:23 kimkats:

    Ooooooo…………pretty! I’ll have to check it out in person – I keep hearing LM isn’t as good as it used to be since it was bought a couple years back, and I haven’t gotten anything LM in a couple years…. If the set is decently pigmented and not dusty, it will be mine!


  • 12/20/11 16:11 jpscraps:

    Looks so pretty but chances are, at $60, I won’t be buying it.


  • 12/20/11 16:47 PJ:

    Love LM! I wasnt thrilled with any of my fave brand’s(BB and LM) holiday offerings– so with great restraint–passed on all of them-s
    o Im really excited to see the spring stuff! Will have to see this one in person first though– not crazy about peaches and corals. Im more of a rose and mauve girl.


  • 1/5/12 21:27 Fatima:

    Just got it today! The shades are gorgeous. I’ve never tired Laura Mercier eyeshadows and blushes before.


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