L’Oreal Colour Rich Balm

Balms for Spring are obviously in. Revlon started the fade and successfully created a drugstore lip balm that we are all quite pride owners of by now.

L’Oreal joins the club with their new Colour Rich Balm.

Take a peek!

Available in eight shades at the moment with an under six dollar price tags these color rich lip butters or balms if you will are available for the L’Oreal Spring 2012 launch.

These promise six hours of hydration as well as a rich color pay off. I think the rather great thing about these balm type products popping up at drugstores are the fairly cheap price tag that gives a full on color experience in a rich, moisturizing balm. Can’t beat the price or the formula.

I’m curious how about you?

  • 12/8/11 20:39 Tammie:

    Cute packaging…if I see these I may pick up one just because I love this sort of product.


  • 12/8/11 21:01 Glenney:

    Hmmm looks similar to revlon lip butters which JUST came to Canada!!!! I’m shrieking bout these loreal ones too 😀


  • 12/8/11 22:21 BooBooNinja:

    How do these compare with the Jordana tinted lip balms?


    • 12/9/11 10:11 the Muse:

      alot less pigmented booboo and not as slick!


  • 12/9/11 9:28 kiwikiwidragon:

    Hmmm….less colors than the Revlon version, I think that might be a good thing, i like all the variety of the Revlon ones but there was only one of each color in the display and many had been violated by the time i got to them…grrrrr…..I did end of getting 5 and I ma happy with them although the formula does vary a bit, not in a bad way, but in a coverage way. Some are less pigmented and more sheer. I might try these too…..So many lippies…..


  • 12/28/11 20:15 Angela:

    I was so excited to try these when I saw them at my CVS. I picked up Tender Mauve, and was very disappointed when I ended up paying $9!!!! This definitely did not last for six hours (I was lucky to get two hours out of it, without eating or drinking anything), it felt really gritty, and this particular color is like a glitter bomb on my lips! I hope others are having abetter experience, but I’m sticking to the Revlon Lip Butters


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