MAC Metal-X Cream Eyeshadow Collection

The MAC Metal-X Cream Eyeshadow Collection will be launching on Boxing Day.

Take a look!

A cutting-edge formula that transforms powdery cream into liquid metal before your very eyes – on your very eyes (or cheeks, brow bone, décolleta gel…anywhere a mult i-dimensional metallic effect is desired). Created with a new mélange of pigments that allow superior blendability and spreadability, our luxurious highlighter goes from medium to high intensity coverage in a simple one-stroke

MAC Metal-X Cream Eyeshadow Collection $20

  • Virgin Silver White with silver pearl
  • Fusion Gold Light pinky beige with gold pearl
  • Palladium Metallic ash
  • Cyber Metallic silver with silver pearl
  • Rusty Dirty peach gold
  • Red Hot Copper Warm copper
  • Venetian Tarnish Golden tarnished bronze
  • Vintage Coin Metallic olive green
  • Gold Carbon Metallic taupe

It’ll be available December 26th, 2011, Boxing Day, from MAC.

  • 12/16/11 21:39 Kate:

    This Canuck is impressed that you referenced Boxing Day! Aren’t you a Noo Yawkah, Muse? Where’d ya pick up that term, lol?!

    Thanks for all the wonderful Holiday Season posts, BTW. I love your site so much. :)


  • 12/16/11 22:13 lilacrose:

    I wish a could get excited about the shades, but I am not. Is this bad?


  • 12/17/11 8:02 Majick:

    What a line up from MAC, I’m really liking the upcoming color palettes.


  • 12/17/11 16:01 NxS7:

    Interesting… the colors seem a little ‘dull’ but, the formula sounds like its worth a try.


  • 12/18/11 1:44 ann:

    Interesting, this is already available here in asia ! And some colors have sold out already.


  • 12/18/11 2:07 Ani:

    wonderful shades……………… :)


  • 12/20/11 2:15 Amber:

    I had the fusion gold when it came out I believe in 2006. It was my absolute favorite product. I have a little bit just edged in the pan for a special occasion. It makes me so happy that they brought this color back. I will do whatever I can to get my hands on it again. That is if I can afford it. :) It is so beautiful.


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