Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hr Lip Stain Gloss

Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hr Lip Stain Gloss is a new lipgloss/stain or what Maybelline dubs as the first ever lipgloss stain that promises a 10 hour wear time. I suspect it’ll be a gel-like stain which will account for the “gloss” factor.

Typically I find drugstore brands love embracing lip stains lately for their Spring Collections.

I believe this collection will consist of five shades to start and each will be around $9-$11 each but don’t quote me, this is tentative info as I haven’t yet seen them in store.

What do you think?

I’m intrigued by the applicator!

  • 12/5/11 11:18 Cj:

    Cute packaging and looks interesting, but what the heck is up with the applicator? I gotta check these out lol


  • 12/5/11 13:59 Sarah S.:

    wow, that applicator looks like a pita


  • 12/5/11 16:28 Tiffany:

    i have been obsessed with lip stains lately and i can’t wait to try this out when it hits my drugstores.


  • 12/5/11 19:32 Ruth:

    I will have to buy those.


    • 12/28/11 20:53 Lorri:

      Really bought it today tried it three different times each time color was off within 10-15 mins after I applied sooooo disappointed.


  • 12/5/11 20:35 Grace:

    lipgloss stains? They already exist!…in Asia, that is lol. The brands I know for sure that have them are Banila co. and etude house. Btw I dont understand Maybelline’s applicator at all, must check that out!


  • 12/5/11 22:33 Bailey:

    I got one the other day, “mauve dream” but it is more of a cranberry shade once on (so not what I wanted…) there is no way to see the colour before you buy, you can only go by the colour of the cap. Needs improvement there.


    • 12/28/11 20:52 Lorri:

      tried it and let me tell you it doesn’t last 10 mins let alone 10 hours colors are nice but do last.

      Im disappointed I wonder if you have to apply it to the new 14 hours color stay lipsticks?


  • 12/10/11 14:15 Ruthless:

    I bought one they are fugging amazing. Beautiful color and non drying at all they are a total win


  • 12/10/11 23:36 Morgan:

    I picked up pleasing plum today; it has sort of a plastic- grape taste (4/10), the applicator was surprisingly nice (8/10), but the color looked a little cracked and caked after about an hour; kind of like faded lipstick on dry lips. The shade itself is very, ”I just drank half a bottle of shiraz” in that the inside of my lips retained the darker color, while it cracked and disappeared by my lip line. I will be returning it and seeing if the pinks are any better.


    • 12/12/11 16:55 the Muse:

      hmm didn’t get the grape taste on mine morgan.


    • 12/28/11 20:56 Lorri:

      Im telling you they dont last 10 mins and though the colors are pretty and taste good I want to wear it not eat it very disappointed since I hate gloss and was hoping that this would change my mind NOT.

      Maybe I should try it over a similar color to see if that helps


  • 1/29/12 15:08 Elky:

    Ten hours is an exaggeration, to be sure. I used the lightest pink as a top coat on my Maybelline 24-Hour lip color with no problems. I like how the color of the stain adds depth to the color of the lipstick.

    What is it with these weird wand applicators that Maybelline comes out with?! This one is even worse than the one in the 24-Hour lipstick. Like they paid someone to come up with this invention?

    A simple straight wand with a beveled tip would be much better IMHO.


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