Philosophy The Oxygen Boost

I’m getting hyped up for Philosophy’s next Q show. I think it’s this week or next week? Something along those lines.

Reason I’m hyped is because Philosophy always surprises us with new skincare as soon as the New Year hits. I know at least one product that I have my eye on from Philosophy that will be mine.

To start off things a little early Philosophy the Oxygen Boost is premiering today on QVC.

Take a look!

You know Philosophy’s cult favorite Oxygen Peel that does absolutely nothing. Sorry guys, love your skincare lately but your oxygen peel just doesn’t cut it for me.

Well, that’s where the inspiration for the new Oxygen Boost comes from!

All skin types particularly dull ones like mine can take advantage of this new lightweight serum that provides a veil of oxygen to your skin. It works with a blend of antioxidants to help protect your skin against environmental attack with a creamy, lightweight formula that gently hydrates and leaves behind a smooth, silky finish!

You can apply it prior to your moisturizer in the AM and PM.

Count me curious!

Available now from for $50.

  • 12/28/11 12:18 diane:

    i’ve been using this for about 2 months, got it in a philosophy TSV w/the peel & purity..i like it! i use it in AM after my microdelivery pads..the formula feels so silky and lightweight..

    I have some of the oxygen peels- i don’t think it does much on it’s own, but i will use it and then use a clay acne mask after and it might all be in my head but i feel doing the peel first helps open my pores to better receive the mask..the combo results are really nice…i probably won’t buy oxygen peel when i run out, i love the philosophy enzyme peel so much more.


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