Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio Nude Eyes Review, Swatches, Photos

Physicians Formula has two new Shimmer Strip Eyeliner Trios available one of which is available in Nude Eyes which is a selection of nude, natural shades of color. I automatically I assumed the colors would possibly lean towards shimmering shades of beige or nude but actually 75% of the set is made up of browns and blacks.

I’m not partial to these eyeliners even though they get rave reviews across the board but I wanted to purchase and swatch these for reader’s interested in seeing what they looked like.

Take a look!

I think the value here is a good one even though Physicians Formula has raised its prices recently. You get three eyeliners for $9.99-$11.95 depending where you purchase so that breaks things down to around $4 per an eyeliner. That’s pretty much a rather nice little deal particularly because each is 0.03 oz in size. There isn’t any question you’re getting a fairly great deal here.

Packaging wise the liners also get a grade A all around as they are a swivel up design that also includes a sharpener stealthily hidden in the top of each pencil. I love mechanical eyeliners however I don’t love ones that fail to include a sharpener so Physicians Formula definitely gets my approval for including one and not being remiss with packaging details like this!

The formula is the real issue. These liners normally have a fairly creamy texture that smudges easily and wears quite long without any problems with raccoon eyes and the likes. I’ve noticed they run a little drier but nothing too bad. Overall, they aren’t a product I personally love but I can’t knock the formula which is decent. However in the case of this new color selection I thought the texture of the pencils was even more drier than usual so they had a fair bit of tugging involved to apply and were extremely difficult to use on my waterline.

Shades you get are Natural (light almost taupe champagne shade), Playful (Physicians Formula calls this pewter but this is more of a dull, darker chocolate with a hint of shimmer), Dramatic (black with a hint of silver shimmer). As you can see the shades aren’t really ones I’d choose for a “nude” eye look. The name is slightly misleading as I expected some lighter shades of nude, perhaps a bronze or a chocolate shade but not black and dull brown…?

Overall, the Nude Eyes Trio isn’t one I’d personally recommend hauling. The shades are disappointing yes but the worst offense is the drier formula on these which doesn’t offer a smooth glide onto eyes. I appreciate the savings and the deal of having three liners for $10 or so but if the formula is rubbish is it really worth the cheaper price tag? I say nay.

Anyone try or haul these?

What did you think?

Available now at drugstores.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 12/8/11 11:52 Christina:

    Hi Muse!

    I tried these when I picked up the new palettes. I, too, thought the formula was dry. I had to make a few passes to get an even line, and even then, the colour wasn’t smooth looking on me. When I smudged it, I was pleasantly surprised by the shimmer, but I have a feeling it would’ve showed up more if the liner itself sported a creamier formula.

    It’s too bad about the pewter colour. I expected it to be lighter than what it is, but the copper shimmer against the dull brown isn’t so bad. Needless to say, I returned the (I have no problem returning products I don’t like). I haven’t had much success with these eyeliners in general, so I had a feeling these wouldn’t work out for me. :)


    • 12/8/11 12:00 the Muse:

      Christina agreed on all accounts chica ;-D I have a feeling I’ll be returning them as well! sad sigh!


  • 12/8/11 12:41 HapaGirl84:

    Aw boo, I’m sad these didn’t work out :( I was really excited about them because I’m also in a “nude mood” and I fell in love with the brown eyes set. But dry formulas that involve tugging is definitely a turnoff.


  • 12/8/11 13:03 Tammie:

    I was a little disappointed with the pewter color, also I didn’t like that it had glitter which got over my face…but overall I still find the formula as good as the others and creamy enough for me BUT I have very oily lids (and I know yours are dry).


  • 12/8/11 13:12 Tammie:

    Ps. I do think it was worth it for the champagne though, I don’t have many light liners, the only other that I have is the taupe from the same line.


  • 12/8/11 13:34 kiwikiwidragon:

    I hauled the smoky ones when i bought all but the Casual palette. Honestly, I didn’t find them much different from the other set, the texture difference could be due to the house being colder than in the spring/summer but who knows. I am wearing the Fashionista palette today and I paired it with Sin UD primer and I have creasing from the Sin. I was trying to use these genie bottles up, but now that i know its going to crease, i may just chuck them….I used the Nude palette with the original UD primer and had no issues, so unforch, its the Sin. I am on my way to more goodies tomorrow!! hervana and Lorac! Woot!


  • 12/8/11 16:07 Tiffany:

    i cant wait to purchase these online! Im obsessed with them but i hate the price! I only purchase these when they r in a value deal for $!4 that include the full size liners and a full size palette. awesome deal!


  • 12/8/11 18:15 Summer:

    The colours are stunning x


  • 12/8/11 19:22 Hilary:

    I am so happy that I read this review! I was really wanting these but I hate dry liner:(
    Oh well plenty of other liners out there :)


    • 12/9/11 10:15 the Muse:

      no likey hills :( def nicer stuff around than these ;D!


  • 12/9/11 10:29 Susan K:

    I must have got a good pack because I didn’t find them any different than the other sets of these I have. I just like these liners in general for days when I don’t want/need super intense, won’t budge or smudge (UD, Mufe, Prestige) eyeliner.


  • 1/6/12 17:55 Kimi:

    I really hated these eyeliners, and was really disappointed. I have the shimmer strips trio for brown eyes, and they work beautifully. The nude ones, however, were very dried, weren’t very well pigmented. I returned them. :-(


  • 7/4/12 19:10 GR:

    I think these eyeliners are great for oily skinned girls. I work outdoors, in the sun, in the heat, sweating and working in the brush. So naturally makeup doesn’t wear very well in such an environment. These however are the best drugstore eyeliners I’ve used, even compared to Revlon colorstay. They don’t smudge, or if they do it’s very little and I have no problem cleaning that up while I’m cleaning the rest of my body 😉 They apply smoothly for me, I don’t have to worry about them smudging, and the colors are very pretty. It’s a great alternative to wearing eyeshadows on the job because eyeshadows won’t last an hour in my line of work!


  • 12/13/12 17:33 purpleladyfa:

    hi Muse..

    I was interested to buy this set, but thank god I read your review before ordering it, so you have saved me from buying this rubbish :p

    anyway, what’s your #1 fav automatic eyeliner ever?
    I’m still looking for the best automatic eyeliner that lasts long, minimal smudge & waterproof..
    can you give me any recommendation?

    thanks so much in advanced..

    *love your blog & reviews, as always ^^


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