Tarte Cosmetics Pinterest Pinning on the Glitz Contest

Of course, like any good geek I can never ever think of Puttin’ on the Ritz without thinking of that famous scene from Young Frankenstein.

And this is a perfect excuse to post Wil Wheaton reacting that scene.

But, technically, we aren’t Puttin’ on the Ritz today we are however Pinning on the Glitz with Tarte Cosmetics.

Create a virtual pin board of your New Year’s Style and be sure to categorize it under hair and beauty don’t forget to include some of your favs from Tarte! Re-pin your favorite Tarte at the Tarte Talk PinInterest boards.

E-mail a link of your pin board masterpiece to tartetalk at tarte dot com for your chance to win 1 of 10 Tarte Puttin’ on the Glitz Collections!

Good Luck!

  • 12/30/11 12:31 Laura:

    I’m so addicted to Pinterest – I can do this right now!


  • 12/30/11 15:11 auroragyps:

    I don’t do Pinterest. Still, I doubt that’s be impressed by my plans for NYE which include watching the new Fright Night with my cat & eating Doritos. 😉


    • 12/30/11 15:28 the Muse:

      Sounds good to me!!!!!!! I’m having a nice restful new year with friends. Quiet, relaxed, lazy perfect :)


  • 1/2/12 14:49 jen:

    i was a HUUUUUUUGE fan of Pinterest until i realized the majority of people on the site, or rather those who pinned most often, were…how shall i put this? Racist, Fat shaming and slut shaming just to scratch the surface. I do miss all those DIY pins and recipe pins but it just made me so angry to go on and see offensive pins mixed in. obviously not everyone who is on Pinterest is as i described but there was enough to disgust me to the point of choosing not to visit the site anymore. sorry for the rant but it just upset me so much because i LIKED it so much!


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