Wen Winter Vanilla Mint Cleansing Conditioner

Tis the season for mint!

Vanilla Mint that is.

Wen Winter Vanilla Mint Cleansing Conditioner combines the cool refreshing scent of peppermint with the comforting warm of vanilla for their new Cleansing Conditioner.

Never Wen’ed it?

This revolutionary one step cleansing conditioner replaces both your shampoo and conditioner. Rich, thick, and creamy this cleansing conditioner gets hair squeaky clean as it moisturizes and conditions hair for an instant one step clean!

Winter Vanilla Mint is available for a limited time for the Winter season!

Get it at QVC.com

  • 12/20/11 21:28 Kate:

    I tried Wen a few years ago (I was suckered into the infomercial) and holy moley did my scalp itch! I had to call the company up and send the set back.

    It sure did smell nice though. Oh well.


  • 12/21/11 5:34 Jenn:

    I just started using WEN last month…so far so good :-) I started having bad scalp issues the beginning of this year and have tried everything under the sun…natural products made my hair dry and awful, and didn’t help my scalp anyways. The WEN is keeping my hair softer and finally untangled. Scalp is…mildly better, so I am happy so far! Want to try the winter mint now! What are your favorite scents Muse? Tried any of the other products?


    • 12/21/11 9:25 the Muse:

      aw happy to hear it jenn! gotta admit I’m a traditionalist and love the almond mint but the pumpkin ginger was amazing too!


      • 12/22/11 2:53 Jenn:

        Yes I like the almond mint a lot….now that I have found it I am a bit nervous to try the others since I have finally found some relief, you know the saying, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, haha.


        • 12/22/11 10:42 the Muse:

          totally hear ya on that one ;-D actually not only do I like the scent but the formula seems to be the best so far as well for me ;-D so that’s actually a very true statement ;D


  • 12/21/11 8:41 JenJ:

    I received this in my last new beauty test tube. I’ve been skeptic of WEN. Tried this out a couple of weeks ago and it’s awesome! I purcahsed his 613 or 619 (can’t remember the name) formula from the Q. I want to scoop up another bottle of the winter vanilla mint.


  • 12/21/11 14:27 Regina:

    Got this in my QVC test tube and loved it!! The smell and cool feeling are heavenly!!


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