Wet n Wild ColorIcon Shimmer Single Eyeshadow Swatches

Wet n Wild, believe or not, makes some supremely fantastic shadow singles and the best part is the sick little budget price tag. Needless to say the fact they are introducing a shimmer formula to their popular ColorIcon Single Eyeshadow range has me in fits of excitement.

Take a little sneak peek at some swatches!

I’ll have a review of these up shortly!

  • 12/30/11 20:51 Sara:

    Oooh. Can’t wait for the review! :)


  • 12/31/11 9:48 Katrosado:

    That pink is really pretty! I have been using pinks lately. I have to be careful not to go too cool but I do love pinks as much as corals.


  • 1/1/12 9:22 Musebeliever:

    Pretty, but it looks like the yellow one is a bit messy…


  • 1/1/12 23:40 Tracy:

    I’m OBSESSED with Wet n Wild Color Icon shadow trios and palettes. I think use them everyday. I used to stay away from Wet n Wild, but lately they’ve stepped their game up!

    Hope you have a wonderful 2012 Muse!


  • 1/3/12 15:39 Josie:

    Ohhh i always get excited when i see WnW release new products! Is there anymore new shades besides these two?


    • 1/3/12 15:41 Josie:

      Oppss nevermind i just your post showing all the new ones with the eyeliner. Hope we get these in Canada!


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