Will Dr. Denese HydroShield Eye Emulsion Be My Next Eye Cream?

Yup, eye cream addict here.

No shame in my game, I admit it.

I really should sit down and stick to a single eye cream but I’ve been changing, rearranging, and trying new things in the name of the blog! Psstt that’s always an excuse for a new purchase.

I happen to have called Dr. Denese’s HydroSheild Eye Serum my HG (holy grail) a number of times but I stopped using it about a year or two ago because I suspected it was causing Milia.

Might be a touch too rich for my eyes and I suspect Dr. Dense created it with the 50+ woman in mind.

I am ever so curious about her new HydroShield Eye Emulsion though.

This one has a five star rating on QVC and features Acquacell Technology which works to hydrate the skin while retaining moisture in the skin.

HydroShield with AcquaCell Technology helps to reduce water loss in the skin while softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

According to reviews on the Q it absorbs fairly quickly as well.

Not sure I need it though as it looks like it’s meant for more aging eyes than my own but it does sound terribly tempting for my dry eyes!

Choices, choices..

Any skincare lemmings you currently have?

  • 12/29/11 9:57 Makedonka:

    Hi, my name is Makedonka and I am an eye cream addict. :) My list? Isomers, Perricone, Denese, 100% pure, Badescu, Bobbi Brown … maybe I should stop here.
    And still searching – I caved in on this baby last night because of the 5 star reviews (and I do have respect for Dr. D – found same problem like you – milia but it went away using the Eye Peel by Isomers). I’ll be 46 in 2012 so I want to retain all the moisture I can in the skin around my eyes. 😛


    • 12/29/11 10:05 the Muse:

      LOL! LOVES! 😀 same here! I’m always searching ;-D Eye Peel by Isomers, I’m taking notes. YOU LIE! 46? You look super young in your little image! :) love Dr. D but I think I might be too young to take advantage? Seems her stuff is REALLY rich and even for my dry, I just came back from a trip through the desert skin, I still feel like it’s too much but I really wanna try this!!!!!!!!


      • 12/30/11 0:43 Makedonka:

        :) that’s why it is little .. the image that is. :) So you can not see the creepy skin under the eyes. 😛
        Yes, my dear young Muse, I’m pushing half a century on this planet – how is that for scary!? LOL
        I am red head right now but still same as the pic (that one is from last year so I am 44 on it), long hair etc.
        Lil disclosure here: I am obsessed with skin care and sort of certain I would look lil older had it not been for my storage of jars here (more like cabinet – drawers as in your photo with the B&BW glosses, mine are full of jars).


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