You Will Be Mine: Clarins Instant Light Blush for Spring 2012

I’m all about the new Clarins Instant Light Blush that will be releasing with their Spring 2012 Collection. I love lightweight blushes when the weather starts warming up and these blushes look lightweight and glow-y!

Yes please, you will be mine!

Available for a limited time these liquid blushes promise to glide onto cheeks and deliver natural looking color.


  • Brown Fizz
  • Coral Tonic
  • Vitamin Pink

Each is $28 and features a sponge tip applicator for application.

I think they might just be my first high end purchase for Spring 2012.


Available now at

  • 12/15/11 11:22 Dora:

    I feel like the model for this collection doesn’t highlight the blushes well, I’m more drawn to the eyes. But yeah, from the pictures of the products, I have a feeling I’m going to love the blushes. :]


    • 12/15/11 11:32 the Muse:

      me too Dora ;D!


    • 12/15/11 12:36 Tammie:

      Totally agree, I can’t even see the blush on her lol


  • 12/15/11 11:41 Cj:

    Good morning :) I never really had much success with liquid blushes, maybe I’ll give the pink one a try. I do love the promo image tho! She’s beautiful.


    • 12/15/11 11:44 the Muse:

      good morning beautiful. How are you today? mmm half half on liquid blushes. sometimes I love sometimes not so much ;D! I think she looks rather lovely too!


      • 12/15/11 11:49 Cj:

        Oh I’m lovely, I finally finished all my Christmas shopping, do I’m in a good mood lol. How about you?


        • 12/15/11 11:51 the Muse:

          I’ve been finished but have to wrap GROAN! not fun. I’m in a great mood. bit tired but good ;-D thank you for asking!


          • 12/15/11 11:57 Cj:

            Ugh wrapping! I’m probably gonna take everything to a place to get em wrapped lol I’m lazyy 😛

          • 12/15/11 12:34 the Muse:

            I was thinking of the same LOL! Macy’s has a great wrapping service I normally use it for extra special gifts but it can get $$$$ costly on everything I have to wrap groan!

  • 12/15/11 12:04 Sarah S.:

    Ooh, looking forward to your review!


  • 12/15/11 12:46 kiwikiwidragon:

    Beautiful and very unusual.


  • 12/15/11 14:45 C:

    Between these and the Dior collection, Spring 2012 is going to be awesome (and expensive)!


  • 12/15/11 17:19 Ljana:

    I’ve always liked Clarins, but they’ve really done a great job with the revamp of their makeup range. I’ve tried the new powder blushes and the Rouge Prodige lippies and both are very nice. Has anyone tried the Skin Illusion foundation or the new quads?


  • 12/15/11 23:27 BooBooNinja:

    I’m agreeing with the comments about the model.
    I’m interested in her eyeshadow!


  • 12/17/11 13:18 April:

    I bought Vitamin Pink yesterday and it is gorgeous. On me it leans pink with a slight hint of coral. Will definitely go back for Coral Tonic.

    The wear is incredible. 8+ hours on bare, unprimed skin (had to try it out right after I bought it).

    The doe foot applicator is HUGE. And it only takes a tiny amount of this product to get good color. Best advice…use the doe foot to dot a tiny amount of this on your hand. Wait a sec or two for it to warm up and apply with fingers.

    BTW, the powder and quad from this collection are lovely too.


  • 12/20/11 7:00 Angie Twe:

    Is the model that is the attention LOL. She is beautiful~~
    Nah.. The colours look pigmented…


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