Bath & Body Works I Love PocketBac Collection for Valentine’s Day 2012 Spring 2012

Pocketbac time…!

For your Valentine?

Meet the new I Love Pocketbac Collection launching for Valentine’s Day 2012 at Bath and Body Works.

Here are some of the ones you can look forward to launching in February!

  • I Love Shopping
  • I Love Sports
  • I Love Cake
  • I Love You
  • I Love Cookie Dough

These pocket-sized bottle contains powerful germ killers and natural ingredients that clean your hands wherever you go, leaving your hands lightly scented. They kill germs without the use of water so they are perfect for throwing in your tote, desk drawer, etc…

  • 1/9/12 14:11 Cj:

    Ugh Valentines day is coming around again? I seriously need to start dating again lol. I’m on a pocketbac ban. I swear I have over a hundred just lying around the house lol


    • 1/9/12 14:16 the Muse:

      lol me too *giggles guiltily*


  • 1/9/12 19:35 Tor:

    I am far too interested in the cookie dough one, we don’t even have Bath & Body Works in the UK!
    As far as I know the very cutest our anti-bac gets is S&G Hand Maid, I never heard of food-scented gel.


  • 1/11/12 5:37 Maggie:

    going to have to try cake, cookie dough, and shopping. =)


  • 10/25/12 12:12 Lily:

    Where can I get this Pocketbac please??
    My sister is in Indonesia and sh want to buy it..where can my sister get it please??Thanks


    • 10/25/12 12:17 the Muse:

      bath and body works isn’t available in Indonesia lily sorry maybe ebay?


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