Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon for Spring 2012

The newest scent launching from Bath & Body Works for Spring 2012 is entitled Pink Chiffon! You can already get a sample of the new scent as a mini body lotion at stores if you’d like a little sniff.

The collection includes the typical Bath & Body Work offerings in the scent such as EDP, Body Mist, Body Lotion, etc…

Here’s a look at the notes:

  • Top Notes: Sparkling Mandarin, Red Pear, Peach Nectar, Wild Berries
  • Mid Notes: Tiare Flower, Jasmine Petals, Water Lily, Apple Blossom
  • Dry Notes: Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchid, Creamy Sandalwood, Heliotrope, Chiffon Musk

I took a real tiny sniff of this when I was in store and it’s a nice sweet floral scent!


It’ll be at your local Bath and Body Works soon!

Anyone smell it?

Do share!

P.S. Kristy Mc Nichol is in the news a good deal today. She came out. About time girl, always be true to who you are! It got me Amazon’ing her up because I’ve been looking for one of her films on DVD forever. I have it on tape but the DVD proved elusive! Anyone guess which movie?

You’d be right if you guessed Just the Way You Are! I was surprised that it is indeed FINALLY on DVD. Dude, you need to see this corny romantic 80’s cheesefest if you haven’t already.

I prominently ordered a copy so I can watch and rewatch it until my eyeballs bleed.

Happy Days!

  • 1/9/12 20:00 Crystal S:

    I need to replace/upgrade my old VHS of Pirate Movie…another lost 80’s gem!


  • 1/10/12 12:14 Lyndsay:

    This is disappointing, the notes in this are similar to Paris Amour, which smells great. I think they need to get a little more creative.


    • 1/10/12 12:17 the Muse:

      it seemed to smell sweeter to me than Paris Amour Lyndsay as I didn’t like PA but I liked this. but my nose isn’t that great haha so don’t take my word for it ;D!


      • 1/19/12 10:17 Lyndsay:

        Ooo I think I’ll pass then since I liked the amount of sweetness in PA. I’m hoping they’ll make a more fresh floral for spring with better packaging. I loved Butterfly Flower’s packaging, it was beautiful, but they discontinued that. :/


  • 1/10/12 16:03 Tigress:

    You went into a B&BW store?! lol


    • 1/10/12 16:03 the Muse:

      it was horrible. I’m still shaking. hold me?


  • 1/12/12 2:08 Ruthless:

    I used to love her on “Empty Nest” she had to take a (seemingly permanent) hiatus off the show due to bipolar disorder if I remember


    • 1/12/12 9:52 the Muse:

      did she? I didn’t know she was suffering from bipolar!


  • 1/13/12 16:07 Chrissa:

    I REALLY wanted to love this one…really. I was sold on the name and packaging alone before I even got my paws on the actual product! So I was thrilled when I found the mini bottles at B&BW today at lunchtime. Unfortunately this one smells a lot like Country Chic to me. I’m not sure why this is because 2 fragrances don’t appear to share any notes per B&BW’s website. But I ended up passing on this scent for the same reason I passed on Country Chic – they smell nearly identical to Country Fresh Raid ant & roach spray. :(


    • 1/13/12 16:11 Chrissa:

      Note – actually, after doing a little more research there are similaries in both fragrances’ top, mid and dry notes. I guess that’s why they smell nearly identical to me.


  • 4/15/12 21:19 Kaycee:

    Got this today in the perfume and I love it. Very clean smelling, it smells like everything good in life in a bottle! Haha


  • 5/5/14 9:48 Audrey:

    This is my favorite flagrant so far


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