Bath & Body Works True Blue Peppermint Really Refreshing Face Scrub Review, Swatches, Photos

I love mint. Especially in the Winter, not that New York is actually have much of a Winter this year. Feels more like Spring outside.

But yeah, love me some mint in the Winter.

Dunno if the Holiday Season is to blame or I just like the cool, crisp smell of it in my shower and my beauty life “just because”, either way I loves it.

So I decided to pick up some Bath & Body Works True Blue Peppermint Really Refreshing Face Scrub to celebrate.


You can get these little mini tubes for around $3 bucks each at the moment during the Semi Annual Sale. Or if you really dig it you can haul a bigger one. I picked up the mini tubes to stuff my sister’s stocking with and ended up keeping some for myself and I must admit it’s a rather nice little face scrub.

I’m always wary of trying unknown face scrubs out as they typically dry my skin out and yes, sadly True Blue Really Refreshing Face Scrub is guilty of doing as such. Beware if you have dry skin and keep to using this once a week at best as if you over use it, it will potentially make your dry skin even tighter after use.

It smells like little vanill-ish but minty fresh, sweet peppermint definitely dominates here. Think of a stick of gum! It’s a thicker gel-like texture with fine grains in the mix for exfoliating. It does a nice job of whisking away dry, patchy, flaky areas on your face. It worked particularly well on my patchy cheeks and forehead.

My only issue with it would be the dry, tight feeling after use so I definitely need to be sure to follow up quickly with a solid moisturizer to keep my skin fully hydrated.

If you have oily skin you can probably enjoy daily use.

I likey!

Not the most friendliest of facial exfoliators in the world due to the added dryness but nice if I don’t overdo it!

Available now at Bath and Body Works.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 1/9/12 18:09 Tina:

    I love this scrub! I’ve tried the Apricot and White Tea, Citrus and now the Peppermint and the Peppermint is by far my favorite.

    I love the Citrus one but the damn beads are always stuck on my face after washing. I like the Apricot and White Tea one but the smell doesn’t wow me. Peppermint, oh peppermint. I ran out and went to BBW the other day trying to find a full size and they didn’t have it! I looked in the bins near the register and they only had 5 of the mini ones left. You betcha I took all 5! I hope they don’t discontinue it.

    I also tried the Blackberry mask and that one was nice too but that’s a mask, not a scrub. Have you tried that one?


    • 1/10/12 9:02 the Muse:

      I haven’t tried the blackberry I actually gifted to my sis was curious ’bout it though ;-D I noticed BBW doesn’t have full size on this…wonder why?!


  • 1/9/12 19:24 cat:

    Is there a scrub you recommend for dry skin? Us non-oily-skinned gals have to stick together in this beauty blogging world! :)


    • 1/10/12 9:02 the Muse:

      hey cat I really love exfoliKATE, it’s one of my favs, never dries me out and buffs away all the nasty flakes and patchy skin ;D!


      • 1/10/12 22:23 cat:

        It seems a little expensive but I’m willing to give it a shot. Do you use the intensive, acne, or gentle variety?


        • 1/10/12 23:36 the Muse:

          it’s one formula on the scrub cat…?


  • 1/9/12 22:06 Stefi:

    I tried the True Blue paraffin hand cream on a whim and now can’t live without it! I’m interested in this now, too.


  • 1/10/12 10:51 Cj:

    Morning Muse :) I have a confession. I got this scrub a while ago when I got the matching eye roller and fizzy face mask (both of which I love) but I’ve never used it lol! I think I tried it on the back of my hand when I got it and just tossed it somewhere, gonna go find it now lol 😛


    • 1/10/12 10:58 the Muse:

      try it! it smells amazing ;-D does a pretty decent job whisking away dry spots ;-D! and cheap as chips!


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