Guess Who?

Do you know who this girl is?

If you guessed Snooki you’d be right.

She looks amazing.

Her harsher eyeliner and over use of bronzer isn’t my cuppa tea but can’t knock her style if that’s what she loves, go with it! But I have to say without all the makeup she looks gorgeous! And younger! She shaved 10 years off her face without all the makeup.

Looking good Snooki!

images via Twitter

  • 1/19/12 9:31 melissa:

    holy crap! i think she looks better without all the makeup


    • 1/19/12 9:33 the Muse:

      I think she’s darling melissa :)


  • 1/19/12 9:34 yoodle:

    HOLY S***!! THAT’S SNOOKIE?????!!!! She looks so different! She looks sooooo young!! And thin! Did she lose weight?? Am I being punked??


    • 1/19/12 9:36 the Muse:

      that’s really her :) She tweeted the photo. I think she did lose a bit of weight but I think alot of is the fact she doesn’t have as much makeup on so she looks completely different. She looks very fresh and young!


      • 1/19/12 14:16 Jayme:

        She actually has lost a great deal of weight. There are speculations that her anorexia may have returned since she is only a few pounds above what was her lowest weight to date.


        • 1/19/12 14:26 the Muse:

          i didn’t know she was anorexia…I really don’t follow her career, I’m not much for reality tv…that would be sad of she was sick again :(


  • 1/19/12 9:54 Sarah S.:

    Wowza, she is actually cute under all that slap!


    • 1/19/12 11:10 kimkats:

      Wuz thinking that exact same thing!! Jeebus, girl, try some moderation and you’d be adorable!


  • 1/19/12 10:01 Cj:

    Omg… She’s actually kinda pretty… I’m speechless lol


  • 1/19/12 10:03 Meredith from Lushli:

    Oh my I couldn’t believe this photo when I saw it! She is so stunning without her signature raccoon eye. She has gorgeous brows and big brown eyes what is she thinking 98% of the time?

    Here’s a link to what Sam from the Jersey Shore looks like without makeup – also beautiful:


    • 1/19/12 10:10 the Muse:

      I guess we can’t knock it meredith, it is her personal style choice and if she likes it, cool…:) but she does sure look pretty without a ton of bronzer/liner :)


    • 1/19/12 10:41 Nikki:

      Wow, Sam looks goregous without all that bronzer and eye liner!


  • 1/19/12 10:37 Nikki:

    Oh my!!! She looks so good without all that makeup!! But I don’t think Jersey girls like the “natural” look very much. Haha


  • 1/19/12 11:15 Tina:

    She looks so much better without the oompa loompa look.

    I love her big eyes.


  • 1/19/12 11:41 Nana:

    She definitely looks younger. But in the pic she’s like poking out her lips because her lips are usually SUPER tiny so I think thats why she looks so different :p

    I don’t think she looks better or worse without makeup, cuz you can tell she’s super confident with makeup on, and it’s like her trademark! So if she likes what she looks like with makeup on and feels more confident, more power to her 😀


    • 1/19/12 12:43 the Muse:

      agreed nana. not much for bronzer myself but if she loves it that’s her bag, good for her!


  • 1/19/12 11:45 Polly:

    Oh my gosh! She looks so young, and her skin looks so good! I just can’t believe it’s the same person, even though I know it is… go Snooki!


  • 1/19/12 12:27 Tammie:

    If she looked like that picture all the time I MIGHT find her less irritating haha. She looks great!


  • 1/19/12 12:39 Sara:

    Wow, she’s actually quite pretty! Now if only she’d stop being that awful oompa loompa shade of orange….


  • 1/19/12 12:53 Marina:

    I knew it was her, but to see both pictures side-by-side is really shocking. She looks amazing without all that stuff caked on.


  • 1/19/12 13:08 Michelle:

    Isn’t that interesting, that someone so young has to “age” herself this way? I would have never guessed that this was Snooki. Still, I’m turning 43 this year, and according to the “style experts” my whole look is way too young for my age. So in the end, it’s a matter of personal preference, I guess. {shrugs}


    • 1/19/12 13:30 the Muse:

      michelle I get that alot too, makeup too young for my age, etc..meh, shrug, we are who we are and if we like it in the end that is only that matters. makeup is supposed to reflect your personality and I think mine does just that ;-D Do what you feel comfortable with girl!


  • 1/19/12 14:28 Melissa:

    Wow. My jaw hit the floor lol. She looks amazing without the makeup caked on.


  • 1/19/12 14:38 Jackie:

    she is SO CUTE without make up.


  • 1/19/12 14:50 Colleen:

    She looks absolutly stunning without makeup!! You can easily see her amazing eyes clear even skin, cute nose, and terrific bone structure!! She should wear no makeup more often!!


  • 1/19/12 15:07 Ashley:

    She’s very pretty without makeup! If she looks like that under the makeup…skip it!

    (Although admittingly, a pink lipstick and a mascara or something are fun to wear…so I understand that, but..golly! hehe)


  • 1/19/12 17:29 Amy:

    HOLY :O
    She looks amazing! She needs a ban on eyeliner, black shadow, and bronzer……


  • 1/19/12 17:51 Rainbow:

    No. Flipping. Way. My brain still refuses to believe. She looks SO young!!


  • 1/20/12 0:08 ndoodles:

    Eye liner can make you look older. That’s why I tell my sister to go easy with that (she’s 15).


  • 1/20/12 16:09 Chels:

    Like everyone else, I’m floored. She’s so cute without everything on! SO CUTE. WHYYYYYY


  • 1/23/12 23:17 Jennifer:

    She is gorgeous without makeup! wow…I don’t watch Jersey Shore and I normally find her to be irritating but she should definitely go for this natural look instead


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