He Knows How To Navigate a Tardis But…

….how well can he navigate an iPhone?

  • 1/18/12 21:12 Janet Shepherd:

    OMG!!! I love it – can I ask where you got the Tardis iPhone cover from? I want!!!


    • 1/19/12 10:46 the Muse:

      hehe janet ;-D I got it from insomniacarts.com :)


  • 1/18/12 23:05 Ishah:

    That is a pretty darn awesome case.


    • 1/19/12 9:48 the Muse:

      thanks ;D!


  • 1/19/12 1:03 Eve:

    Did you get it off of Etsy? I’ve seen some selling like that on there. I got a custom one made that has the exact plastic casing! I just hope it’s enough protection!


    • 1/19/12 9:47 the Muse:

      got it from http://www.insomniacarts.com Eve :) but yup def seen ’em on etsy too! I hate that it isn’t a full case and only a bumper but I’m pretty careful with my phone :)


  • 1/19/12 8:17 dementia:

    ZOMG!!! Where can I buy a Tardis iphone case?


  • 1/19/12 14:01 Ruth:

    he would make it more sonic then it would bend to his will!


    • 1/19/12 14:06 the Muse:

      ha ;D!


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