Hello Kitty 2012 Year Of The Dragon Compact Mirror

Got a little dragon fever? Could be Skyrim in my case but blame it on the Year of the Dragon, 2012 if you haven’t indulged in that addiction quite yet.

The new Hello Kitty 2012 Year Of The Dragon Compact Mirror celebrates the New Year in style with a gold-toned mirror compact!

To celebrate Chinese New Year and the year of the dragon, it comes in a special commemorative box. The Chinese characters for “Happy New Year” are subtly printed at the top of the mirror and there are two versions of the mirrors available one with 1x and one with 3x magnification.

Available now at Sephora and Sephora.com for $18.

  • 1/5/12 18:35 Freddie:

    I wonder if this is in simplified or traditional characters… If it’s simplified, I’m not gonna care about it. If it’s traditional, oh god I’m probably going to want it.


    • 1/5/12 20:09 Amy:

      It’s in traditional characters! They have 恭禧發財 (traditional) instead of 恭禧发财 (simplified) 😀


  • 1/5/12 18:39 Eve:

    Now if there was a dragon print on the mirror I’d be all over that.


    • 1/5/12 18:52 Olivia:

      agreed it just looks like a gold mirror :( they could have been a lot more creative with the packaging


  • 1/5/12 19:28 Victoria:

    I don’t know what’s better.. Hello Kitty or Dragonborn!


    • 1/5/12 19:36 Eve:

      How about Hello Kitty AS the Dovakhiin?


      • 1/6/12 2:42 Victoria:

        LOL now that’s a game !


  • 1/5/12 22:25 joolz:

    Agree that it looks like an ordinary gold compact. Too bad


  • 1/6/12 9:33 Donna:

    To be fair, this is the same price as the plain ol silver one, and all the other iterations of the HK compact. I’m debating getting it since I already have the silver one. Decisions…


  • 1/6/12 16:43 regina:

    honestly ima probably wait to see if it goes on sale. its not very different from the previous stuff. i wish hello kitty was a bit more creative with new products.


  • 1/7/12 22:35 CupK8:

    Hmm.. I need a new compact mirror! ….. tempting…..


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