Inglot Spring 2012

I haven’t yet indulged in Inglot.

Hey, I know my limits. If I start I won’t be able to stop so I’ve avoided the brand like the zombie plague.


They are so tempting and teasing me with the single image that flashes at me every time I load their page.

This I want!

No details as of yet but I’ll update you when it becomes available.

It will, for sure, be my next beauty purchase as I LOVE fiery shades like this!


  • 1/10/12 13:45 Smugnificent:

    they’re super.The eyeshadows and the lipsticks and everything! Super!


  • 1/10/12 13:48 breyerchic04:

    From what I’ve heard, you’re falling down hard. This stuff is amazing.


    • 1/10/12 13:51 the Muse:

      damn you! *shakes fist*


  • 1/10/12 13:52 Angelic Mariposa Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

    Muse…I hear ya!! BUT…you’ve gotta try it, I make the trip on the Metro North just to get my hands on $5.00 eyeshadows better than Mac and 1/3 of the price. SWOOOOOOOON!!


    • 1/10/12 13:54 the Muse:

      I’ve AVOIDED it completely ;-D I know I’ll get completely and utterly addicted so I don’t even go there ;-D! but these shades might just be the ones to pop my inglot cherry ;D!


      • 1/10/12 14:04 Angelic Mariposa Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

        I used to work in the Morgan Stanley building years before the opened the Inglot across the street…so glad it wasn’t there then because I’d spend my whole check there!!

        I was introduced at the Makeup Show and had to be quite agile to get anything at the booth as it was being swarmed!!

        DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!


        • 1/10/12 14:17 the Muse:

          stop! you’re terrible! You’re supposed to be my friend and tell me no don’t get involved!

          😀 hehe!


          • 1/10/12 19:15 Angelic Mariposa })Ӝ({:

            I’m a terrible enabler!! I’m taking one of my friends there on Friday…if your in the area, we’ll be there after 6:00…I’ve got a PRO CARD!! 😉

          • 1/10/12 22:02 Angelic Mariposa })Ӝ({:


  • 1/10/12 13:55 Candee:

    Love Inglot. Their products are great.


  • 1/10/12 13:58 Lauren:

    What?! How can you not own ANY Inglot??!! It is THE BEST! Can’t wait to see this new line :)


    • 1/10/12 14:02 the Muse:

      😀 one less thing to be addicted to? ;D!


      • 1/10/12 14:38 Lauren:

        Ugh! If anything, drop one of the other things and pick this one up 😉 Totes worth it!!


  • 1/10/12 14:26 Sara:

    I haven’t purchased either. And for exactly the same reasons! As pretty as this collection looks I can’t do it! Noooo!


  • 1/10/12 15:04 Jessica:

    Muse, you must indulge in a little Inglot!
    I’m absolutely in love with the brand and you know how picky I am!


    • 1/10/12 15:12 the Muse:

      ;-D! this is def on my list jessica ;D!


  • 1/10/12 16:53 Noelle:

    I’m curious about the new collection now!
    I just purchased my first two Inglot products;lipstick and gel eyeliner. The eyeliner is the BEST gel I’ve tried,and I’ve tried a lot. I’m still on the fence about the lipstick. The smell reminds me of those children’s sets that have lipstick,nail polish,etc.


    • 1/10/12 17:33 Misato-san:

      really? to me it’s a smell of berries!


  • 1/10/12 17:10 Musebeliever:

    Beautiful ! I LOVE orange eyeshadows ! *o* I think this collection is for me.


  • 1/10/12 17:32 Misato-san:

    I really like Inglot stuff, I’m wearing a couple of products from their Freedom System today ^^


  • 1/10/12 18:11 Gabby:

    I didn’t want to buy their stuff either but then I completely lost my mind when I went to the IMAX LA and saw their big, beautiful booth.

    Spent way too much money but it was totally worth it.


  • 1/10/12 22:32 cat:

    It is painful whenever the international blogs and beauty gurus I follow mention Inglot. And then I was in Times Square and saw a huge ad and wondered if they were following me waiting for my will to break. I’m with you. I’ve been staying away because once I get started I have a feeling I won’t be able to stop. It’s going to happen eventually but I think I’ll hold out until I at least hit pan on something. XD


  • 1/10/12 23:59 SJ:

    It’s okay, I’ve been avoiding it too, plus the prices are a bit stupid here in Australia… It’s very much on my list of things to check out whilst overseas 😀


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