Is the Clarisonic Worth Purchasing It? Becky Worley Seems To Think So!

I’m dating myself here but who remembers when Becky Worley was on Fresh Gear? Those were the days, those were the days…!

I came across her on the Today Showing doing a test of the Clarisonic and I had to share it.

When I originally purchased my first Clarisonic I was vastly disappointed but after diligently using it I realize I probably can’t live without it. I dunno what it might be doing for keeping my skin youthful but it really does give my skin a super deep clean. I particularly like Becky’s testing with fluorescent makeup in her review!

Was your Clarisonic worth the purchase?

Did you feel like it was a good $100+ purchase?

Disappointed in yours?

Feel like it changed your life?

Do share!

  • 1/11/12 10:00 Jes:

    Undoubtedly, the best $$$ I have ever spent on my skin! CANNOT live without my “special friend” – as the hubby has labeled it.


    • 1/11/12 10:03 the Muse:

      lol jes ;D!


  • 1/11/12 10:00 Nana:

    I’ve been wanting to get this But decided against it cuz my mother told me it would REALLY irritate skin and make it worse…. always listen to mama’s advice 😀


  • 1/11/12 10:21 Comrade Garlic:

    My Clarisonic finally bit the dust, it was old. So old I used my flex-med to buy it. The handle just got hot one day and it stopped working. Now I’m not sure I want to buy a new one. I only used it a couple times a week because no matter what cleanser I used it made me a bit red. I always use a cleansing oil first, so I’m not sure the Clarisonic is needed. I’ve also seen people that have gotten broken capillaries from over using it. So I’m still not sold on it’s awesome power. The jaguar print Mia is really cute, though. If they make a Hello Kitty one, I’m screwed.

    Do you remember Kate Botello? I can never forget her fixing a printer while singing show tunes on The Screen Savers.


    • 1/11/12 10:28 the Muse:

      OMG I HATED HER lol…well hate is a strong word :) I just didn’t like her for some reason ;-D she totally drove me bonkers lmao! They need a special, “Tech TV where are they now?”

      Do you remember the cat schwartz scandal? haha! ;-D

      I have drier skin, not sensitive, and it works a treat but I imagine if you’re a bit sensitive it could be severe overkill!


  • 1/11/12 10:24 diane:

    oh my clarisonic was one of the best purchases i ever made!! its helped with my pores and i get less blackheads now =) I have had mine since March 2011..

    i love how the head turns from white to (faux) tan at the end of the day- i feel so clean LOL.

    Now my eye is on the Nu Brilliance. Have you heard/tried that? I love beauty tech toys…


    • 1/11/12 10:26 the Muse:

      mmm nooooooo going to google that up :D!


      • 1/11/12 18:19 diane: has it! its an at home microdermabrasion system. i want it sooo soo badd


  • 1/11/12 10:24 Cj:

    Clarisonic is definitely worth it. Literally the best skincare tool ever! I just got a new Mia last month :)


  • 1/11/12 10:28 kiwikiwidragon:

    I have been on the fence about getting one because too much manual friction on my skin is irritating. If I use eye makeup remover and cotton pads daily for 3-4 days in a row, under my eyes will burn and feel like the skin is torn. Same thing with my cheeks and forehead at the 5-7 day mark. I cleanse with my hands, occasionally a wash cloth gently and once about every 10 days, manual exfoliation, gentle products like burts bees orange scrub or angels on bare skin. Those plastic bristles seem like they would tear me up, even the delicate ones. I would love to make a difference in blackheads and larger pores on my cheeks but I think the clairsonic might not be for me.


  • 1/11/12 10:32 sylvia:

    I have the Clarisonic Mia and I think it’s worth it–I bought Olay’s version first and that was ok but the Clarisonic is much better–I use it at least once a day and it doesn’t dry my face out the way the Olay brush did
    It was the only thing that really helped the peeliness caused by Retin-A too


  • 1/11/12 10:50 Laura:

    Yes and No – I’m glad I bought it – but I don’t feel like it’s a game changer. I have the Mia.

    The best thing for my face (oily skin) has been changing my micro derm scrub and face wash – it’s been magical.

    I still use the Mia, when I think about it


  • 1/11/12 10:53 MC:

    I couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on the Clarisonic (even though I’d use it every day) so I went with the Sirius Skinsonic instead. I can’t say how it compares but, based on reviews and youtube, lots of people insist it’s comparable to the Clarisonic and it’s only $49!

    I love it! It comes with different applicators for moisturizers, exfoliation, serums and even a massage head which I love since I actually have chronic neck pain. Definitely a more reasonable, supposedly comparable alternative to the Clarisonic!


  • 1/11/12 10:55 Shelle:

    I love mine! i got it during the F&F sephora sale. After i use it i can feel my skin taking in the oxygen around me hahaha but for some reason i eventually stopped using it and my face starting sprouting all types of zits soooo im back to using it again. It really does wonders and everyone should use it. Also they have different brushes for skin that is sensitive.


  • 1/11/12 11:00 Smirking Valet:

    The Clarisonic doctor’s name is Dr. Doris Day?! lol that’s too funny. I’ve seriously been considering purchasing one. Is there much of a difference between the Mia and the pricier option?


    • 1/11/12 11:10 the Muse:

      no NEW MIA (not old) is the same as the large side the old mia didn’t have a timer and it sucked imho. but the new Mia is nice and the same as the larger one imho!


      • 1/12/12 18:54 Chels:

        Unless you want the body spot option, which is only available for the plus model.


  • 1/11/12 11:11 Geek in Heels:

    I use a Korean exfoliating cloth (you can see a picture of it at which costs like 50 cents each. I use it once a month to exfoliate my entire body and every other day on my face. It’s more work, but I personally don’t see how the Clarisonic, or anything similar, would give me much different results. :-)


  • 1/11/12 11:13 Susan Lewis:

    I got the Clarisonic Plus for Christmas and so far, I love it. It is amazing how much cleaner your face is afterwards. I have sensitive skin plus strong red splotches and it does not irritate my skin or make my skin any more red. I am hoping to try to the body brush soon especially I am getting the dry itchies from winter weather. I love being able to dock it in the cradle, so the Mia was not for me being more of a travel item.


  • 1/11/12 11:13 kimkats:

    I really like my clarisonic! I won’t say it’s changed my life, but since I use Retin A micro, and in winter my skin …. well, let’s just say my pie crusts should be so flaky…. 😀 The clarisonic really helps keep the flakes at bay, and it really does seem to deep clean my skin. I’m a fan for sure!


    • 1/11/12 12:51 Littlecreek:

      How do you like Retin A Micro. Do you feel it’s working for you? I’ve been curious about it sice I have aging acne prone skin.


  • 1/11/12 11:52 Michaela:

    Undoubtedly the best beauty product I’ve ever bought, because my skin is now flawless– NO zits, NO blackheads, sun damage spots gone, dry patches gone, oily T zone, gone. I’m almost 40 and people refuse to believe I’m not 25.

    If mine breaks, I will buy another. If the company every goes out of business, I will mourn as if I’ve lost a loved one.


  • 1/11/12 11:55 Kelli Rae:

    The Clarisonic was horrible for my skin.. Broke me out something fierce. Ive got sensitive skin though… I think that having tender skin and using a Clarisonic do not go hand in hand, I know others that have had the same problem. I still think the Clarisonic is an amazing tool and am just soo disappointed that it didnt work for me. I still have it tucked away and am hoping one day I can try it again.


    • 1/11/12 11:57 the Muse:

      kelli I hear there is an adjustment period with it, how long did you use it?


  • 1/11/12 11:55 blkrox:

    I bought the Clarisonic Plus in 2010. I wasn’t impressed at all and seriously considered returning it, so I stopped using it. I saw the change in my skin almost immediately. Visibly clogged pores, breakouts, flaky dry spots. Needless to say, I went back to the Clarisonic and have loved it, and my skin, ever since.


    • 1/11/12 11:56 the Muse:

      blkrox I used mine for about a month, wasn’t impressed returned it, had a friend convince me I needed to give it more time, repurchased it, and proceeded to use it diligently and totally agree now I can’t imagine not using it as I do see the difference in my skin when I am not using it!


  • 1/11/12 12:42 eight:

    I’m saving up for the Skinsonic because I’m cheap 😉


  • 1/11/12 12:45 Laura:

    OHHH I also want to say – THANK GOODNESS for the deep cleans brush!

    When I bought it – it came with the sensitive skin brush with does NOTHING for my skin – so I wasn’t impressed for a long time. Then the deep clean brush came out and THAT’S made a world of difference.

    I do not have sensitive skin at all, and I tan easily, and my skin is Oily (if any of that info helps)


  • 1/11/12 12:50 Littlecreek:

    I bought my Mia a week ago. It has done exactly what it promised to do, clean my face really well. Before when I use a toner after cleansing there would always be some sort of residue on the cotton pad (dirt/oil/makeup) but now there’s no leftover gunk and I feel like my moistuizer etc soaks in better. I use it twice a day and have not had any problems with sensitivity or purging. My husbands even used it to help get rid of dry patches. Time will tell but so far so good!


  • 1/11/12 12:51 Rosa:

    I’ve had my Clarisonic Mia since Dec. 2010 and without question it was the best purchase! I love it! I’m in my 40’s and I’ve always been plagued with adult acne especially around my chin and no matter what cleaner I used I always had problems but not since using my Clarisonic. I still have the occasional break out but not daily like before. My skin looks and feels great!!


  • 1/11/12 14:25 Regina:

    I’ve had the mia for 2 years and love it — seriously the best skin care gift I’ve ever received.


  • 1/11/12 17:09 GR:

    Are there cheaper options? There’s no way I can buy this or the Skinsonic 😉 I would love to try it when I’m out of school and working a “real” job!


  • 1/11/12 18:43 ManicuredSlayer:

    I got my Mia Clairsonic today and it’s charging right now! I can’t wait to try it! I’m a little bummed that the Mia 2 just came out but if I *really* am not happy I will return it for the other one. However I think it will be fine.

    I have debated over it for ages but all the raves convinced me–I saved up my “drugstore dollars” at and saved about half. Just starting to get those fine lines near my eyes, hoping it works on them!!


  • 1/12/12 9:30 Tracey:

    Am I the only one to look at the screenshot and think, ‘Whoa! That Clarisonic thingy must be super-powerful if it has left one officer dead and 5 others injured!’

    I’d be wary of paying for something like this and be one of those it doesn’t work for.


    • 1/24/12 12:43 Lauren:

      I didn’t notice that, but it’s hilarious!


  • 1/12/12 12:29 Fuuka:

    I saw that video. I feel like she was using it to scrub of make-up and not clean her skin. I do not have one, but I use a make-up remover(rotate cleansing oil and cleansing waters) before I cleanse, so I do not feel that I need one. Plus using the Clarisonic everyday can cause atopic dermatitis (ELLE mag December issue I think) over exfoliating can be bad for your skin.


  • 1/12/12 16:30 Erin:

    I’ve had the Mia2 for a little over a month and I bought when QVC had it as the Black Friday TSV. I’ve had a dramatic change in the texture of my skin – that’s been the most noticeable. I’m still purging and adjusting to the change, coupled with some hormonal acne, but I’m eager to see how the clarity (especially in terms of blackheads) improves over time. I do feel that my skin is brighter/more glowy as a result of its use.


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