L’Oreal Infallible Le Gloss 8 Hour Lipgloss for Spring 2012

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Toby’s back to bloggin’!

And he’s full of good cheer and news, heavy sarcasm.

Spoilers ahead.

We all knew we’d have to deal with Aidan being gone. That was hard enough but Sinead (Nina) will not be returning for Series 4 and Russell (George) says this will his final series. It’s unclear whether Russell will actually be in a few episodes or not at all. This was unexpected for me as I was already dealing with the loss of Mitchell but now George too?

Jesus, it’s like re-eventing the wheel here.

Michael Socha (Tom) becomes a prominent lead in Series 4 and another new lead male character is introduced into the mix of things!

Well, either the way Toby says it gives him license for bringing in new creatures, etc…so that’s something to look forward too eh?

Head over to www.bbc.co.uk if you’d like to read the blog post for yourself!

Anyway, if you’re not a Being Human fan that was quite boring but if you are, do discuss!

For the non-fans how about some makeup?

L’Oreal Infallible Le Gloss 8 Hour Lipgloss for Spring 2012 should do the trick!

These have the same look as regular Infallible Glosses but a promising new formula claims this gloss will last us eight hours. I don’t have any other details as of yet but will update you when I do.

I generally like Infalliable Lipgloss so curious about the “le gloss” formula. Hopefully they left out that silicone-like feel that the regular line has.


  • Cherry Flash
  • Glistening Berry
  • Pink Topaz
  • Red Fatale


Available shortly at drugstores.

P.S. Maybelline has a new launch of nude shades of their Lipstick Sensationals coming up soon too!

  • 1/9/12 14:06 Bonnie:

    Do plan to start watching Being Human soon but in the meantime…what did you think of the Downton Abbey S2 premiere? I liked it quite a bit!


    • 1/9/12 14:17 the Muse:

      haven’t watched, on my tivo waiting for me to sit down and take a peek! ;-D Can’t wait! I normally wait until they are in 3-4 episodes before I sit down to watch, feels like I savor it a bit more that way ;D! I’m happy to hear you liked it ;-D Feels like I’ve been waiting years to see it. Are you excited about Great Expectations on Masterpiece Classic??


  • 1/9/12 15:50 Sara:

    Ahh! I had to skip past the spoilers (not before seeing the big one! Nooo!) since I managed to miss everything past season 2 of Being Human entirely. what the what?? Looks like Netflix has season three, so I can catch up soon…. whew!

    Rewatched season one not that long ago and fell in love with the show all over again. It’s too awesome. And George is too adorable.


    • 1/9/12 16:00 the Muse:

      i heart George ;-D you’re going to die when you see the end of series 3, le sigh! truly the series is being re-evented!


  • 1/9/12 17:02 Tiffany:

    ive seen these in duane reade and they r gorgeous bright shades! perfect for spring !


    • 1/9/12 17:33 the Muse:

      can’t wait!


  • 1/9/12 17:27 Chanelle:

    WHAAAATATTTT!!!??? How can they do the show without Nina!!?? She’s supposed to be having a baby, she can’t just up and disappear! Will she die in childbirth!?


    • 1/9/12 17:33 the Muse:

      curious ’bout that myself I imagine her and George will exit together somehow. I’ll miss him too, he was brilliant I was hoping they’d work him into torchwood as jack’s love interest after the Ten season exit. but no luck:-/


  • 1/9/12 17:29 Chanelle:

    I completely missed that Russel Tovey is leaving. Um. He’s my favorite. THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!!!!!


  • 1/9/12 19:28 cat:

    Aside from the lipsticks, L’Oreal products and I don’t get along. :(


    • 1/9/12 19:29 cat:

      Oops! Meant to say “lip products”. I love their eyeshadows and foundation.


  • 1/30/12 0:43 Jaime Martin:

    I was so excited to go out and try the new pink topaz shade because it looks amazing on Gwen and online it looks like a more bubblegum pinky color, in person and on it looks absolutely nothing like the ad. Maybe if you used pink topaz with the color bloom you would be able to get that shade that Gwen has. Not happy that the ad was so deceiving!


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