L’Oreal Infallible Le Gloss 8 Hour Lipgloss Review, Swatches, Photos

L’Oreal has a new Infallible Lipgloss formula available. Infallible Le Gloss 8 Hour promises a long wearing, glossy finish. I like Infallible Lipgloss but…mmmm it has a bit of a silicone-like feel on lips that I’ve never completely come to terms with so I was curious if anything changed with this new formula.

Take a peek!

Mmm eight hours of wear not really…but you can get three to four hours in with this formula which isn’t much of an upgrade over the old formula but hey, four hours of gloss wear is fairly good in my opinion.

The formula has changed very little in all honesty or at least I don’t think so. The texture is pretty thick but it doesn’t have a sticky, tacky feel and it has a knack for wrapping around lips and wearing comfortably enough but there is still a touch of that silicone-like feel to the gloss and I really question why it feels that way. I truly think this could be a total winner with out that strange feel but my biggest guess would be that this is what holds the gloss in place for the long wear. I just hate it because I start to feel like I have gloss on and the weightlessness of the product turns into a “wow I’m wearing too much lipgloss” kinda moment.

On the upside the formula has an incredible color pay off. The one shade I purchased in Glistening Berry has super pigmentation and a full color finish and a nice shine to it. The large, oval shape applicator is another plus as it allows for super easy application since the gloss glides on in a single slick and the applicator proves again and again how easily it’ll build up color should you want more pop.

I dunno if you necessarily need to dish out $10 on one of these unless you’re a super fan of the Infallible Lipgloss line. I didn’t personally think there was any major changes in the formula outside of it being a tad more comfortable than the original. It might prove worth a haul during a BOGO but at $10 per gloss it’s a tad bit of an expensive gloss if you’ve never liked Infallible Lipgloss or you already have a ton of them in your stash.

Available now at drugstores.


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  • 1/25/12 17:43 Amy:

    The color looks so pretty! Sadly, I hate that feel when I have something on my lips, even if its a lip balm XD


  • 1/25/12 17:52 Tiffany:

    I LOVEEE these glosses , but i hate the price honestly . The new shades L’oreal released do have me interested in purchasing me more bright shades for spring , especially this shade!


  • 1/25/12 21:15 Erika:

    Loreal infallible glosses are my HG love the colors, formula and feel of the gloss. Hope its never dc’d


  • 2/16/12 1:10 Ali:

    I love this! I picked it up a little while back, and it really isn’t sticky as the author says… although it definitely doesn’t last 8 hours!

    I’ve been UP on L’Oreal lately after trying their magic lumi highlighter too and LOVED it…

    Interested in this one too…


  • 2/23/12 22:42 Jess:

    I absolutely love everything about this product! 😀


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