MAC Naturally MAC Mineralize Blush Fresh Honey Review, Swatches, Photos

MAC Naturally launched so whatcha get? I’m still waiting on my order to arrive but I did get a few samples in the mail yesterday.

I was hopeful Naturally would be the collection that made me fall back into love with MAC. The little bit I’ve seen of it so far hasn’t really caught my interest though…crossing my fingers my order is a bit better!

But I am liking a few pieces….Fresh Honey is pretty!

Fresh Honey is one of three new shades of Mineralize Blush. MAC calls it a warm apricot and I guess I get a little of that from it but I also get a little peachy orange going on here. I personally love shades like this as I like pairing them up with brown shade and gold shades of eyeshadow.

It blends pretty flawlessly and has a very good pigmentation. A little chalky but the blend out is smooth so you get excellent color and a nice natural finish here. MAC’s track record lately in terms of quality has been iffy but Fresh Honey suffered no such problems as far as I can see.

You might want to snatch this one up if this is your color scheme of choice.

Available now at MAC counters.

If you hauled it feel free to share your thoughts!


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  • 1/11/12 12:41 Cj:

    I got the other blush, subtle breeze. It’s absolutely gorgeous I love it :) it’s like the perfect pink, it is more on the cool side but not too cool toned if you get what I mean 😀


    • 1/11/12 13:07 the Muse:

      you create more lemmings for me…!


      • 1/11/12 13:09 Tammie:

        You need it Muse, you’ll love it!! Like CJ said it’s not as cool as you’d think…I initially thought I’d have dupes in my own (smaller than yours) collection, but it’s quite unique and has a GORGEOUS sheen to it.


        • 1/11/12 13:12 the Muse:

          *shivers* I’m excited ;-D! sounds gorg!


  • 1/11/12 12:49 Tammie:

    I just got Subtle Breeze the other day, finally wearing it today and it’s very nice!! I’m not forgiving MAC in general just yet, but so far the blushes haven’t been affected by the recent lack of quality (I also have the previous Ombre blushes) and that’s all I’ve been getting anyway…


    • 1/11/12 13:06 the Muse:

      me either lmao ;-D haha! the blushes seem to stay true to formula thankfully but the shadows for me are unforgivable, formula is awful lately!


      • 1/11/12 13:44 Tammie:

        Yeah it seems like it’s only the shadows huh. I have a gloss and a lipstick and they are fine, but luckily I haven’t even wanted any shadows regardless of quality. It’s funny because I think MAC is known for their shadows, that’s what I knew them for before I really got into makeup anyway. I hope they step up their game this year!


        • 1/11/12 14:04 the Muse:

          I ran into a few issues with lipsticks but nothing nearly as bad as the eyeshadows, they are just really bad lately. I sure hope so too b/c its been a downward spiral!


          • 1/11/12 14:09 Tammie:

            I only have 2 lipsticks so I can’t really say about their formula overall haha. I also only have 1 creamsheen glass which I love, and I recently returned a lipglass because it kept getting on my teeth!

            Hopefully MAC has their eye on the blogosphere, and can see how disappointed people are.

  • 1/11/12 12:51 Larie:

    I did haul! I hauled all three blushes, lol! I love them all, although they are a bit powdery and kick up a bit of mess when you use them. I think Early Morning is my favorite, but I love how orange – not peach – Fresh Honey is!


    • 1/11/12 13:05 the Muse:

      it feels orangey peach to me larie ;-D love! I need to get to a counter to swatch the other two as I didn’t order either one, I got the lippies/glasses but skipped on the blushes as I convinced myself I had dupes but now I’m curious ;D!


  • 1/11/12 12:57 Cosmetics Aficionado:

    I did haul this and love it. I love the natural sheen these have when blended out.


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