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I lost not only two hours of my life on Sunday night, I lost three hours. I want them back. I watched the season end episodes of Chuck on late Sunday night and was absolutely positively disappointed but to add insult to injury I have to say the very first episode of Spartacus Vengeance kinda sucked it as well.

I don’t really love the new actor playing the part and I felt like the story lacked some of the excitement of the original two series…dunno, just seems like they jumped into things too quickly and who are all these new characters floating around? They threw a buncha guys into the mix that are supposed to be gladiators but who have absolutely no character development…what the frak? We have no real base for how they got where they are at the moment (underground? sewers?), what they’ve been doing since the fall of the House of Bartius, etc….

I take comfort in the fact that I have an entire season to speculate who fathered Ilithyia’s baby. Numerius? Spartacus? Oh the torment!

This episode was a bit meh for me but I’m hopeful it’ll get better.

Something that isn’t disappointing?

The new mark Hand It Over Super Moisture Hand Cream.

mark Hand It Over Super Moisture Hand Cream ($4)

  • Lemon Sugar
  • Pear Blossom

This long-lasting, silky-smooth moisture cream melts into skin and leaves hands smooth and hydrated all day in with a light scent. The formula is packed with vitamins and skin conditioners that leave skin moisturized and luxuriously soft.

I’ll take a lemon sugar one please!

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  • 1/30/12 15:15 kiwikiwidragon:

    The scented pages for these are really nice, I haven’t indulged yet….


  • 1/30/12 15:21 Candee:

    Lemon Sugar sounds divine!


  • 1/30/12 16:11 sylvia:

    The new Spartacus pissed me off! It just doesn’t fit, what with the new cast and the old cast that seems to have forgotten how to act


    • 1/30/12 16:15 the Muse:

      AGREED! who are all those dudes? NONE of those guys were in Blood and Sand. I got completely confused and turned around with the new characters…and yeah, the old ones seem to be completely off their game!


    • 1/30/12 19:08 Liz:

      Ugh, so disappointed. And Jon Hannah was dearly missed.


      • 1/30/12 19:23 the Muse:

        are you kidding? I died when he did ;-D he was amazing.


  • 2/11/12 11:42 msworld311:

    I bought the LemonSugar as a Demo and eh. Nice lotion, but it”s a bit too perfumed for me.


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