NYX Boudoir Mascara Collection

Hunting for a new budget mascara? How does six bucks sound?

NYX Boudoir Mascara Collection includes 7 different mascaras that will volumize, curl, darken, extend, and make your lashes look lovely for alot less.

Take a look!


  • NYX Le Frou Frou Mascara

Volumize and lengthen lashes. Dense dome brush to reach each lash.


  • NYX Pin-Up Tease Mascara

To darken and curl lashes. Hard bristle combs to separate and curl lashes.


  • NYX Provocateur Mascara

To volumize and separate lashes. Start with level 1 for heavy application then level 2 to lighten and separate.


  • NYX Faux Lashes Mascara

Infused with fibers to volumize and extend lashes. Short bristle brush for dark and heavy application. Ideal for bottom lashes.


  • NYX Le Chick Flick Mascara

Thickening, darkening and waterproof formula. Dense dome brush to reach each lash.


  • NYX La Amoureux Mascara

To curl and lengthen lashes. Curved spiral wand maneuvers lashes expertly.


  • NYX Za Za Zu Mascara

Mother of all mascaras. Fiber infused to darken, lengthen, and volumize. Soft, bristle brush large enough to cover all lashes in one swipe.

I really need the mother of all mascara so I can tell people I’m wearing Za Za Zu…! Ya know, it sounds cool and stuff.

All seven formulas are available now at www.nyxcosmetics.com

  • 1/25/12 19:07 Nikki:

    wow! Those sound interesting, I think the last one sounds the best to me.


  • 1/25/12 19:09 cat:

    I don’t know if these will be any good but I perked up at the mention of NYX and mascara in the same sentence. The high-end mascaras I’ve tried do nothing for me and they’re cutting a serious chunk out of my budget. Also, the packaging is cute.


  • 1/25/12 19:41 Jess:

    Do you know if these will be waterproof? I hope they live up to what they say they’ll be like *_*


    • 1/26/12 10:19 the Muse:

      sadly dunno, doesn’t say jess!


  • 1/25/12 19:42 Jess:

    Also will they be Limited edition or permanent?


    • 1/26/12 10:18 the Muse:

      believe perm jess!


      • 1/26/12 20:47 Jess:

        Awesome. NYX seems to be coming out with a lot of new products lately. Thanks! :)


  • 1/25/12 20:37 Nana:

    ♫ ♫ She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on! In the glass of her boudoir! ♫ ♫


  • 1/25/12 21:12 Sara:

    Lol, I do enjoy your tv references! Especially when I know them! 😮

    You know, I’ve not tried any NYX mascaras before, how do you feel about them?


    • 1/26/12 9:20 the Muse:

      haha sara I mean mother of all how could I not get the Winchesters in there ;-D! I dunno, tried two, a bit uneventful…but these sound good!


  • 1/25/12 21:29 Fey:

    I really enjoyed La Amoureux. I snagged it a month ago on HauteLook with some NYX stuff. It does a decent job of curling if you wiggle the wand, slowly bringing it up against the lashes, and hold it for a bit at the top.


  • 1/26/12 8:29 Sarah S.:

    Too many… choice anxiety…


  • 1/26/12 10:47 kimkats:

    Another Ooooooooooooo product! I must check these out, esp. for the sheckels!! I wanna get the ZaZaZu one too! Even if the name weren’t so awesome, it sounds like what I need – volume!! Lots and lotsa volume!


  • 1/27/12 16:25 Miss D:

    I like many Nyx products so these may be good as well. Za Za Zu? I wonder if this is a cute spin on Cinderella’s fairy godmother’s popular saying, “bibbidi bobbidi boo”??? Haha! But seriously, I really have no idea! XD


  • 2/5/12 15:20 Cassie:

    Okay I recently bought the Za Za Zu mascara.. and at first I couldn’t decide if I actually liked it. I don’t think I would call it the mother of all mascaras. It did indeed lengthen my lashes a good amount, and it has a little volume, but I think I like my maybeline collosal volum express.. i think in the end it just makes my lashes a lot darker and gives way more volume, with is what I was after. Overall a good mascara, it just can’t beat my fav. At least I got it on sale? lol


    • 2/6/12 13:55 the Muse:

      I have to give it a whirl cassie, doesn’t sound too bad ;D!


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