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Hello Kitty Mon Amour Collection for Spring 2012

Hello Kitty is heading to Paris for her Spring break and she’s bringing along some very nifty beauty picks from her lovely beauty collection.

Take a look!


Tarina Tarantino Beauty Spring 2012 Collection

Welcome to a sparkling Spring courtesy Tarina Tarantino.

Who better to bring the sparkle to the new season than Tarina.



Beauty News: Bed, Bath, and Beyond Sells NYX Cosmetics

My Harmons Store is not connected to a Bed, Bath, and Beyond however they do sell NYX and have a huge range of drugstore makeup, etc…they are particularly fabulous at keeping up on new collections and they are about .50-$1.50 cheaper on most products compared to CVS, Walgreens, etc…

However, some folks don’t have Harmons or a Harmons attached to their Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I do however urge you to check out your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond as some of the stores prove as well stocked as Harmons (not sure why, but they are a tad more expensive). Harmons and BBB are the same entity essentially but some folks have the store and some don’t so that’s why I definitely suggestion checking out a few of your local BBB’s for beauty finds.

I’m bringing up the topic of these two stores because Bed, Bath, and Beyond will be carrying NYX. Only a few stores have the line but hopefully we’ll see more stores roll it out.

This is great as NYX does prove a little difficult to locate in stores sometimes and it’s nice not having to rely on the Internet to place an order.

Check out to see if a Bed, Bath, and Beyond store in your area is selling NYX.


Kat Von D High Voltage Lacquer Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Love Lipstick for Spring 2012

You’ve already seen the new Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Palette earlier today but here are a few more products from the Kat Von D Spring 2012 Collection.

Take a look!


Some of the Fun That Decorates the Side of One of my Gaming Boxes

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