Pure Beauty Blender

I generally like the Beauty Blender but it’s something that gets tucked to the back of my beauty arsenal sometimes as I’m more a finger girl. This is particularly the application case for me since I wear BB Creams and they are meant to be patted on the skin not applied with a sponge.

When used correctly with patience Beauty Blender can be an extremely helpful little tool for makeup application however you do have to practice patient when using it.

Beauty Blender is now taking on my skincare world with their new Pure sponge. This one is all about skincare application so leave your makeup bags behind and take a peek!

For me, as I get older, my skin seems to get drier each year so having a perfect canvas for my makeup is very, very important less my skin look old and makeup look patchy. Not pretty. Prep work is a very important part of any makeup application but I think it’s extra important when you have dry skin.

Beauty Blender Pure was created to not only apply your makeup but also to focus on your skincare application. The Pure Beauty Blended allows you to bounce or stripple primers, eye treatments, and moisturizing serums on your face. The unique design fits easily into the nooks and crannies on your face such as under your eyes, around your nose, and upper lip. Use the rounder base on larger areas of your forehead, cheeks, and chin.

The set features the new Solid Blender Cleanser “Liquid” with the same cleansing results as the original cleanser with a soothing lavender fragrance.

The new Beauty Blender Pure Set Includes:

  • Solid Blender Cleaner
  • Beauty Blender Pure Sponge
  • Air Bag for travel

The set is $49.95 and available now at Sephora.com or learn more at www.beautyblender.net

I’m considering a purchase for review, I’m intrigued!

  • 1/10/12 15:53 Tu-Anh:

    Hi Muse, I can’t wait for your review. But I find the beauty blenders so expensive. Do you know how long their sponges actually last? Thanks a lot! I love reading your reviews, especially for Asian products.


    • 1/10/12 16:05 the Muse:

      hi tu-anh! I wouldn’t use them past three months…you have to be careful with sponges, they are such a breeding ground for bacteria. The cleanser it comes with (the original anyway) is good for getting gunk out but I wouldn’t go past three months with a sponge like this. It’s $$$ to toss it out but better safe than sorry with your skin! There are cheaper alternatives nowadays from etailers and I think even Sephora has blender as well ;-D which could prove cheaper for you!


    • 1/10/12 16:06 the Muse:

      PS thanks ;-D so glad you enjoy the reviews and like asian products as much as I do ;D!


  • 1/10/12 16:07 Chels:

    I love the whole aesthetics of the white bb–but how will it hold up over time esp with makeup use? Won’t it look dirty and grungy after a while?

    I use the pink BB religiously every morning-it’s done wonders for my makeup application. Before it used to look cakey even with a little. Now it’s dang near close to air brushed. It makes blush amazing. Plus, I like that I don’t have to do the fingers-to-skin deal, that’s helped a bit with my skin issues. I love it to bits.

    As for the price-concerned, check Amazon for prices. I can get 2 sponges and a large cleanser for approx. $30. A steal. One sponge lasts about 3 months. I’ve used one for 4 months before-it works fine still, just a little bit of it started to peel off.

    All-in-all. I lub it!


    • 1/10/12 16:09 the Muse:

      this is one is particularly for skincare application chels. the pink version is for makeup. Probably won’t look dirty when using with primers, eye creams, moisturizers, etc…


  • 1/10/12 20:55 shusheshe:

    I have a regular beauty blender, and to be honest I don’t use it very much. Like you I go for BB creams more often than true foundations, and more importantly, I feel that sponge soaks up more foundation than what ends up on my face.

    Or maybe I’m just not using it correctly, idk.


  • 1/10/12 21:31 Tracy:

    OMG, what more do they offer compared to a 2$ makeup sponge except for the shape ? That’s crazy expensive !


  • 1/11/12 15:16 Majick:

    I love the idea of the white sponge but refuse to pay the price. I love the pink one and use it all the time. I find the cleanser gets it really clean and I also use it [the cleanser] on my brushes.

    I don’t dip the sponge in the make-up. I apply the make-up to my face with a finger or brush (depending on product) and then use a damp BB sponge for blending. THis way my sponge lasts longer because the makeup doesn’t soak in and it’s much easier to keep clean. Rough washing will beat it up faster.

    I don’t think I would like my expensive serums and creams soaking into a sponge. I think it would really waste product. Besides isn’t the whole point of the beautyblender to b-l-e-n-d? WHy would you need to blend your skincare? It might feel really nice for application but I would still weigh the cost of how much serum you would need to use. JMO


  • 1/11/12 21:13 Adrienne:

    Eh my skin care products are way too pricey to be sucked into a sponge. I’d get the original one for foundation though!


  • 1/12/12 23:53 elizabeth:

    I may get this for makeup application as I’m always disturbed by how much pink dye comes out of the regular beauty blender the first couple of times I wash it.


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