Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation

Look at those moves, go George, go! Wait is he lip singing?

I’m gonna tell you my theory.

I think, gulp, that Wham was referencing masturbation in this song.

But its a damn catchy little ditty isn’t it?

Speaking of waking me up before you go go how about a little Wake Me Up Foundation from Rimmel (it also gets us off the uncomfortable topic of Wham and masturbation…although you have to admit, funny yes?).

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation is a brand new foundation launched recently in the UK (I expect to see it this in the US in the Summer) that features a creamy formula and SPF 15. Supposedly it has an anti-fatigue effect with pearlescent properties illuminating the complexion while concealing imperfections and masking under eye shadows.

Whoa…lots going on there.

I haven’t technically met a Rimmel Foundation I really liked yet but sign me up for Wake Me Up Foundation my dull skin can use all the waking up it can get before I go go…I mean literally go…like out the door…no not that kind of go go…get your mind out of the gutter, not cool!

  • 1/25/12 19:57 Amanda!:

    Gahahaha. Awkward masturbation topic is awkward xD


    • 1/25/12 23:35 the Muse:

      hahaha ;D!


  • 1/25/12 21:18 Seaira:

    I’m really excited to try this product out, actually! I’m having a love affair with Rimmel lately, what can I say?
    Have you tried Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes mascara, Muse? I’m in L-O-V-E with it! Out of all the mascaras I’ve tried over the years, it’s now earned a spot in my holy grail of makeup, ha ha.


    • 1/26/12 10:17 the Muse:

      I wanna say yes I have Seaira but I don’t think I have now I have to search through my mascaras lol! thanks….I’ll look into it ;D!


  • 1/26/12 4:39 ann:

    OOOOOO. this sounds perfect for me ! as a student, I constantly stay up late and crave for radiance boosting products. hahaaaaa. too bad rimmel isn’t really available where I live !


  • 1/26/12 7:51 Maria:

    You know I was so young when I first heard this song that I didn’t really notice that…but now that you mention it, it makes perfect sense! ^_^ Ahhh….the innocence of youth….I lost that right about the time I started questioning why Show White would be living alone with 7 men. 0_0


    • 1/26/12 9:04 the Muse:

      LOL right!??!?!? hahaha!!!!!!!!!!! mmm same here what was going on there…! LOL


  • 1/26/12 9:37 Swimsalot:

    “going solo”. “hit that high”. You may well b right muse. That mind of yours . 😉


    • 1/26/12 9:44 the Muse:

      *blushes and looks up* Mmmm! *virtual bow* lol!


    • 1/26/12 9:56 Ruth:

      I thought that it was “going so low” not “going solo”, but that makes so much more sense. That naughty boy!


  • 1/26/12 11:15 JoElla:


    Well, maybe you look great while flying solo with this product?!


    • 1/26/12 11:18 the Muse:

      of course…full face of makeup when going solo…LOL!


  • 1/26/12 14:46 Cynthia:

    please do not tell me “pearlescent” properties is code for lots of shimmery ass glitter ala pixi tinted moisturizer.


  • 1/27/12 16:29 Miss D:

    My God, Muse! Now you have all of us trying to remember the lyrics to this song!!! 😛


    • 1/27/12 16:49 the Muse:

      wake me up from you go go because I don’t plan on going solo…going solo where? ;-D Tis all about masturbation I tell ya! ;D! ha!


  • 1/28/12 8:42 *couldn’tthinkofanametouse*:

    Well, aside masturbation,, I think that you guys have persuaded me to get off my bum and go and get that lovely lovely foundation – to truely wake me up.
    I awell am a student, and I aswell am alwways up all night, (you might aswell say im nocturnal, like a badger, or. Fox or whatever).

    So yeah, CHEERS FOR THAT GUYS! :**

    And to the person who can’t buy rimmel london, I really really feel sorry for you, I personly couldn’t survive without rimmel london! :))


  • 1/28/12 22:04 Bianca61:

    Muse, is this make up oil free? I sent you a message. I am not getting your emails anymore. PLEASE resubscribe me. I may have my daughter send me one of these.


    • 1/30/12 8:18 the Muse:

      not sure bianca it’s sold in the UK only and I’m in the US hun so haven’t picked this yo yet. I sent over a subscription not sure if you got it let me know?


  • 5/15/12 12:04 JennieLovesJLS:

    I Have This Living In The UK Means We Usually Get To Try Em First, Even Though I Have Gone Through 2 Bottles Of This I Still Can’t Decide wheather I like it or not;( Don’t get me wrong it’s nice enought BUT I’m 16 Nearly At The End Of High School And Starting Collage In September, And I Need A Long Lasting Foundation, This Doesn’t Lat Longer Than 3 Hours On Me And I Have Dry Skin So If You Have Oily Skin Avoid This Like The Plague Honestly You Will Be Re-doing Your foundation every 5 minutes (My mate found that out;s) But I Like The Effect Of It It Has Medium To Full Coverage Which Does Go Very Streaky Unless You Use A Brush So If Your Really nterested I Suggest Trying It But This Has Notthing On Bourjois Healthy Mix (Sorry To All You US Girls I Know You Don’t Have BourjoisAnymore Snce They Pulled Out For Some Unknown Reason But I LOVE That Foubndation And Their Blushers)


  • 7/16/12 0:06 Rebecca:

    That George Michael video makes me laugh every time, it never fails. haha
    I hope this shows up in stores here soon. I really want to try it and have only heard good things.


    • 7/17/12 11:02 the Muse:

      lol rebecca ditto! ;-D


  • 12/1/12 23:46 Lori:

    Hi, ive read a few of your blogs and i was wondering if you have any idea when the Rimmel Wake Me Up will be coming to Canada? I am dying to try it, after reading all the rave reviews :) Btw, i love your blogs and you seem to have a great sense of humour…love it :)


    • 12/4/12 16:27 the Muse:

      not sure lori so sorry :( I never really get any canadian information on releases or dates :( if I hear anything will repost. Aw thanks <3!


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