Sephora Hot Hues All Over Bronzer

Mmmm Sephora’s Hot Hues Collection is looking rather brilliant. I’m not a bronzer fan but I can get on board with the Hot Hues All Over Bronzer.

Take a peek!

Blush, bronze, highlight, and contour with one hot palette. The multiple shades can be combined or used individually to create a variety of looks. The unique mineral powder contains volcanic clay, rich in minerals and oligoelements, for skin that glows healthy with a nouveau bronzed look.

  • Sephora Hot Hues All Over Bronzer in Flush $24

  • Sephora Hot Hues All Over Bronzer in Bronzed Glow $24

These are available now at Sephora and

  • 1/26/12 22:13 Brandi G.:

    These look rather nice, but I’m not sure I see myself spending $24 on a Sephora brand product. Maybe……


  • 1/26/12 23:57 Candee:

    Love the packaging!


  • 1/27/12 1:37 L:

    Hmm..Sephora brand for $24?? Nah, I’d rather spend 4 more dollars and get Benefit Hoola or 8 more for Nars Laguna.


  • 1/27/12 3:22 ladymoonlight:

    These look like Shimmer Bricks to me. At least the idea is the same, the shape obviously is different


  • 1/27/12 9:26 Adesimone:

    Are theses on par size-wise with their past huge disc bronzers?


    • 1/27/12 9:27 the Muse:

      I haven’t seen them in store so not sure!


  • 1/27/12 9:46 Majick:

    They remind me of some Smashbox blushes I got in a TSV a million years ago. I think they were called soft lights something? I have them in a few different colors.

    I got a Sephora brand bronzer in one of their many palettes. It was a few years ago for sure but the color was perfect. I guess $24 is a little steep for Sephora bronzer but this looks like it may be a step up from the usual? It will be interesting when someone does a review.

    Have a great weekend “someone”! 😀


  • 1/29/12 13:25 Vail Valley Girl:

    How do they compare to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks?
    Are they an inexpensive replacement?


  • 6/1/12 0:28 Zahra:

    I just found the Hot Hues all over in Flush at a a Sephora nearby for $7. Its very preety!


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