Sephora Hot Hues Baked Eyeshadow Palette

Sephora sitting at the cool table this Spring with some of their very interesting Spring offerings.

Next on my hit list, the new Sephora Hot Hues Baked Eyeshadow Palette because knowing Sephora’s golden track record with baked eyeshadow I’m ready to indulge!

Sephora Hot Hues Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Mulberry $24
A versatile eye palette with a tone-on-tone base color and four complimentary shadows.

Sephora Hot Hues Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Burnished Cocoa $24
A versatile eye palette with a tone-on-tone base color and four complimentary shadows.

Burnished Cocoa you will be mine!

Available now at Sephora and

Whatcha think?

  • 1/26/12 18:32 Larie:

    I ordered Burnish Cocoa, and in fact, I think it arrives today! Excited to try it out 😀


  • 1/26/12 19:11 Cosmetics Aficionado:

    Pretty! Not sure if I will bite though. The colors don’t look that special right now, but who knows how they will look in person.


  • 1/26/12 19:31 Chels:

    OH DANG. I just looked at the site.

    What it is formulated WITHOUT:
    – Parabens
    – Talc
    – Synthetic Fragrances

    ITS MINE. Burnished Cocoa here I come!


  • 1/26/12 21:10 Andrea:

    ahh! I need to get me these when they come out! I am obsessed with the ‘in the nude’ and ‘in the dark’ baked pallets!


  • 1/26/12 21:16 kiwikiwidragon:

    OMG!!!!! running around stupid for these!! Love them something hard…..


  • 1/26/12 22:31 Daniela:

    Wow..I’m not a big buyer of Sephora makeup (I am dying to check out that new something? Have you tried it yet?) but I honestly want these both…cocoa looks gorgeous!


  • 1/26/12 23:01 Kathleen:

    Ooh! They look tempting!


  • 1/27/12 2:54 cat:

    I’m not sure I care that it’s a baked eyeshadow palette. The colors are still pretty standard. However, the design of the palette is very pretty. It reminds me of the planets orbiting the sun.


  • 1/27/12 9:55 Majick:

    Wow, I think these may be a little too glittery for my eyes, judging from the swatches from the other baked shadow palette. BUT…

    …I think the design is genius. I really like that they give you a big base color (tone on tone works cause you’re actually getting what appears to be a matte version and a shimmer one? i guess we’ll see when that special “someone” does swatches. (wink)

    I also really like the brush selection. Looks like they have provided a denser application/smudger brush and a blender/crease brush. Very nice selection for an eye palette.

    I can’t wait for the review and swatches “special someone”. :-)


    • 2/3/12 13:41 the Muse:

      hehe am I that special someone!? LOL


  • 5/18/12 0:23 Vail Valley Girl:

    I swear the large middle circle that is split in half with two colors looks like it should a blush. Any reason why I could not wear it as a blush or highlighter?


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