Sephora Pro Tapered Foundation Brush #58 Sephora Pro Oval Blending Brush #27

Last year if you recall I fell rather fondly in love with the Sephora Professional Platinum Concealer Airbrush #57. If you don’t have it in your collection I’d highly suggest picking it up.

Sephora added to new brushes to their line up for Spring that have me intrigued.

Take a look!

Sephora Pro Oval Blending Brush #27 $20
An oval-shaped eye shadow brush made from natural goat hair.

Sephora suggests using this as an allover eye shadow brush or for precisely achieving a smoky eye look. But for me the oval shape looks like it would fit comfortably in the crease of my eye for blending or under my eye for blending out concealer!

Sephora Pro Tapered Foundation Brush #58 $32
A professional foundation brush with a pointed tip and high-quality synthetic fibers.

I’m a finger girl when it comes to foundation or bb cream application but this one looks like it would blend out base products very well and multitask with concealer application.

I’m considering a purchase on both of these as Sephora makeup may prove disappointing to me but their brushes have always been brilliant quality!

Available now at Sephora and

P.S. I’m lemming the MAC Duo Fibre Blending Brush! I forgot to put it in my cart with my last order! I must get my hands on it.

  • 1/18/12 0:27 Mara:

    the foundation brush remind me of the paintbrush when i played epic mickey one time, lol


  • 1/18/12 8:12 Meredith from Lushli:

    I recently bought the Pro Tapered Foundation Brush. It’s the first time I’ve used a brush for foundation and now I won’t change it for the world. I use Laura Mercier Primer Radiance and her Tinted Moisurizer and the brush gives it such a professional finish!


    • 1/18/12 9:01 the Muse:

      fantastic ;-D! sounds great!


  • 1/18/12 9:47 Cj:

    Looks like the F86 from Sigma, but the Sigma one is half the price lol. They also came out with new precision brushes for concealer n such 😀 Have you tried their brushes?


    • 1/18/12 9:55 the Muse:

      noooooooooooooo I try to avoid but now that you said new concealer brushes I have to look damn you! you create more lems for me! 😀


      • 1/18/12 10:02 Cj:

        It’s muh job! Lol 😛 They’re like tiny kabuki’s that follow Sigma’s other kabuki brushes. The P80 is a flat top one which I use, but I think you might like the P82 better, it’s suppose my made to work exactly like a finger lol. Oh and If you do end up putting in an order, make sure you get the F80, it’s the BEST foundation brush ever lol.


        • 1/18/12 10:03 Cj:

          Guh I meant, to be made*

          Stupid iPhone needs better auto correction.


        • 1/18/12 12:50 the Muse:

          gasp P82 looks brilliant! why must you create these terrible lems for me? Any free shipping…*looks*


          • 1/18/12 13:28 Cj:

            Lmao I say the same about you! Our bank accounts can weep together lol! 😛

          • 1/18/12 17:55 the Muse:

            lol we should link bank accounts and check up one another and be good about our purchases….I’ll scold you, you scold me ;-D! “No don’t buy that!”

          • 1/18/12 18:00 Cj:

            Somehow I think it would more like “Ooh you bought that?! I’m gonna get one too!” lmao 😛

          • 1/19/12 11:00 the Muse:

            LOL exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1/19/12 2:53 Maggie:

    The Sephora 58 brush looks a lot like my Sonia Kashuk one…


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