Shiseido Perfect Full Definition Mascara

Ironically one of my favorite mascaras is made by Shiseido in Japan but I’m never technically tried a mascara from their counter line here in the US. Being a beauty junkie you’d think by now I’ve tried it all.

Perhaps their new Perfect Full Definition Mascara will be the one that tips me over to the dark side.

Shiseido Perfect Full Definition Mascara promises 16 hours of just applied mascara, glamorous lashes.

The dual-textured brush coats every lash while the firm tip captures even tiny lashes to add volume, separation and length. Its promises to build easily without clumping thanks to a formula that allows for multiple, smooth coats on lashes.

Count me curious!

Available now from Shiseido.

  • 1/17/12 23:51 Candee:

    I’m curious too. Although I generally prefer a denser brush.


  • 1/18/12 1:19 peri:

    that promo pic is gorgeous. love that eye look. im prety faithful to clinique in the mascara dept though lol.


  • 1/18/12 3:21 Ljana:

    I’ve tried two of their US/Euro mascaras: Perfect mascara (nothing spectacular, but OK – defining, natural look, washes away easily, chemical smell) and Perfect Volume or something like that – that one’s a pain to remove despite not being waterproof and is frankly awful: clumps, pulls lashes down and doesn’t even give volume. Considering they cost almost as much as Faux Cils, I was really disappointed. Hopefully this one’s better than both!


  • 1/18/12 11:44 Sara:

    Eh, for every high-end mascara I’ve ever liked, I’ve found a decent replacement in a drugstore brand. So mascaras never really get me all riled up. However, that lipstick looks pretty awesome. 😀


    • 1/18/12 21:02 Jane:

      Ooh, second on the lipstick!
      Although I have yet to find a decent mascara that doesn’t runn!


  • 2/22/12 0:40 Erika:

    The perfect mascara defining volume is my hg mascara….it volumizes, thickens, and holds my curl all day, in only one coat. And has never smudged/flaked
    @Ljana maybe you were appying too much product?
    I did give this one a try, it seperated well, and lengthened pretty well(has fibers) and removed easily with water. I did find it didnt hold my curl as much as the defining volume, It was ok, but i still prefer the defining volume.


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