Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss for Spring 2012

Can’t get enough of that hydrating maracuja oil from Tarte?

No worries, it’s been injected into alot of their Spring 2012 Collection! A new Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss features all the skin nourishing benefits maracuja oil can provide in cute packaging, in a variety of colors…what more could a girl want?

Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss is moisturizing lip gloss that promises a high glossy shine, rich pigment, and a lovely hydrating formula. According to Tarte the formula also minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving lips a fuller, plumped appearance.


  • Adored
  • Amused
  • Blissful
  • Blushing Bride
  • Charmed
  • Dollface
  • Flush
  • Glisten
  • Natural Beauty
  • Tipsy

Looks like the shades are named after the Amazonian 12 Hour Blush! If Glisten is as good in a gloss form as it is in a blush I’ll be a very happy lipgloss user indeed.

These are $21 each and available soon from Sephora, Sephora.com, and Tarte.

  • 1/4/12 10:49 diane:

    oh tempting tempting..i love the packaging on these…the maracuja oil is saving my skin this winter!!!

    i love that pink one…4th from left


  • 1/4/12 11:13 Cj:

    Ooh glisten would make a beautiful gloss! Maybe if I get the gloss it’ll give me incentive to wear the blush lol


    • 1/4/12 16:34 the Muse:

      lol ;-D there you go!


  • 1/4/12 11:47 Candee:

    Love Tarte, hate the brush applicator.


  • 1/4/12 12:10 nikki:

    Oh, I love the packaging! So pretty and feminine, I also like all the pink colors. I might have to try a few.


  • 1/4/12 13:07 Alison:

    Tarte, noooo! I hate those stupid twist-up brush applicators!


  • 1/4/12 13:11 Kris:

    I am obsessed with Tarte. Will definitely be trying a couple of these.


  • 1/4/12 17:01 Tammie:

    These are cute, I love the blushes so why not matching gloss! The applicator is not my favorite, but it’s sufficiently cute enough that I don’t even care. I need at least one.


  • 1/4/12 20:21 Carolyn:

    Yay! I absolutely love everything I’m seeing from Tarte for this spring.


  • 1/4/12 22:11 Cristi:

    Ooooh~!! Big time wants here! I really love the floral motif.

    Can’t wait to check these out! Thanks for the heads up, Muse! <3


    • 1/4/12 22:39 the Muse:

      my pleasure miss! ;D


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