The New Face of Dior Mila Kunis

Dior Mila Kunis 3

The sexy beast that is Mila Kunis is the New Face of Dior!

I love Mila, she’s just so exotic looking.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Dior. The brand is iconic in so many ways. It defines fashion, elegance and sophistication.”

The new Spring/Summer 2012 Dior advertising campaign with Mila Kunis showcases the iconic Miss Dior bag. The champaign is set to debut worldwide this month.

Dior Mila Kunis 2

Dior Mila Kunis 1

I think she makes a fine addition to the Dior family.

What do you think?

Loving the idea of Mila heading up a Dior campaign?

No? Who would you pick?

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  • 1/5/12 11:12 Sharon:

    She is almost as beautiful as my daughter :)


  • 1/5/12 11:16 Cosmetics Aficionado:

    I think she is perfect for the campaign


  • 1/5/12 11:46 Sarah S.:

    Gahhh she’s so gorgeous!!! But I feel like she’s more approachable/laid back and not one to carry froufrou designer status symbols XD


    • 1/5/12 11:48 the Muse:

      I feel the same way…she seems really super down to earth. I picture her exactly like her movie characters, cussin’ fun time girl ;D! but she still can definitely do the couture, she looks amazing. GIRL CRUSH!


  • 1/5/12 11:52 Sara:

    Every time I look at her it’s like being punched in the gut she’s so pretty. That she doesn’t ever come off as an just makes her more awesome. Am full of envy and excitement for new collections with her as a spokesperson! I bet there will be no shortage of glamorous photos to enjoy.


  • 1/5/12 12:03 Cj:

    Morning! Did you see the video of her speaking Russian at some press thing for her last movie?? OMG I CAN’T EVEN. Lol! :P


    • 1/5/12 12:05 the Muse:

      TELL ME ABOUT IT! dood! so hawt ;-D lol!


  • 1/5/12 12:04 Daisyv316:

    I love her!!!! Will they come out with her make up look?


    • 1/5/12 12:05 the Muse:

      I don’t think so daisy it looks like she’ll be the fashion side of Dior but not the actual face of the color cosmetics.


  • 1/5/12 12:05 divinem (Melissa):

    I’m sure Natalie Portman had a hand in her landing that campaign since Dior loves Natalie and Natalie developed a good relationship with Mila while filming Black Swan. Have you seen Black Swan? Excellent film that leaves lots of room for debate.


    • 1/5/12 12:09 the Muse:

      sure did, great flick :) Not sure if Natalie had a hand in her placement, I think Mila is just the new hot it girl since that film and some of her other movies she recently did like Friends with Benefits and the upcoming Oz. :)


  • 1/5/12 12:47 Melissa:

    I’m a Mila film but I think from a “how does she look” perspective that she she is super glam and a good fit for dior beauty


    • 1/5/12 12:51 Melissa:

      that should be film-fan lol


  • 1/5/12 13:00 Regina:

    It’s fantastic to see Mila recognized for her amazing beauty, brava!!!


  • 1/5/12 13:01 Stephanie C:

    I absolutely love her and love these promo pics! She looks so refreshing to the Dior line here :)!! So happy for her!


  • 1/5/12 13:27 Cathryn:

    Loving the photos. I gotta say though…every single time Mila Kunis opens her mouth, I see Meg Griffin from Family Guy. JUST cannot get over that, lol.


  • 1/5/12 13:38 Laura:

    Love her
    Love all the purses
    Love the dress and shoes in the last photo
    Love Dior!!!

    No really I need those purses


  • 1/5/12 14:07 Quinctia:

    She’s gorge, but it looks like they washed her out a bit in the campaign pics. It’s like freaking ghost!Mila or something.


    • 1/5/12 14:12 the Muse:

      I think it’s my images quinctia, they aren’t the highest res around ;D


  • 1/5/12 14:26 Michelle:

    Would anyone NOT love the purses? I think I have to go to my local flea market and scout around for a knockoff or two b/c there’s no way I can possibly afford an authentic one. That red bag would look awesome paired with a matching lipstick. :)


  • 1/5/12 17:19 Amy:

    Mila definitely fits the image of the Dior. She’s so sexy, yet sophisticated. I wasn’t too happy about Blake Lively being the new face of Chanel though. Congrats to Mila! That bag looks amazing :)


  • 1/5/12 21:02 peri:

    she would actually make me look at dior more. shes gorgeous, she commands attention. i dont know why the brands arent all fighting over her lol.


  • 1/5/12 21:52 Jennifer:

    Girl crush!!!


  • 1/6/12 1:03 Tigress:

    She’s so gorgeous.


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