Tokidoki Roulette Gloss Trio

The new Tokidoki Roulette Gloss Trio might just give you a tiny nibble of deja vu since Jemma Kidd did the design a year or so ago with her Air Kiss Trio.

But props to Tokidoki for bringing the cute factor.

This nifty little unit contains three glosses in a snap case that allows you to tote around not one, not two, but all three shades.

Each gloss is named after and decorated with Tokidoki characters.

Choose from:

  • Pinks (Carina, Ciao Ciao, Arlecchino)
  • Neutrals (Mozarella, Hercolino, Coco Bella)
  • Pink/Purples (Lion Papa, Adieu, Bruttina)

The trios are $18 each and will be available soon from Sephora and

  • 1/30/12 19:47 Tammie:

    Cute! Looks like a good thing if you want to have several glosses loose in a small bag, or something.


  • 1/30/12 20:26 Cosmetics Aficionado:

    Those are so stinkin’ cute!!


  • 1/31/12 8:23 Sarah S.:

    Oooh, but I might have to wait until they’re on sale :( The hubs wants me to curb the makeup spending even though I’m collecting this (and everybody knows how legit that is, haha)


    • 1/31/12 9:38 Ruth:

      That’s a completely legit purchase, since your collecting them. If you didn’t purchase them and they sold out, then your stash wouldn’t be complete and you’d have to check on ebay for them. Doing that end up costing more since you’d probably pay more and possibly have to purchase twice since the first one would be a knock off. see? I’m helping! =)


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