Ulta 20% Off Coupon and Coupon Code

Enjoy 20% Off your Ulta.com order using promo code 62714 or print the in store coupon below and enjoy your discount in store.

Happy Shoppin’!

  • 1/24/12 14:19 Chelley:

    YAY! Just in time… I was looking to buy a Clarisonic… :) Teehee… I wonder if there’s a bigger discount for Clarisonics…


    • 1/24/12 14:22 Chelley:

      Oh wait… I can’t use that coupon on Clarisonics… :((((


  • 1/24/12 15:41 Kit:

    oh no! I was just at ulta yesterday and spent quite a bit, if only I had waited until today!!


  • 1/24/12 15:47 Regina:

    There are so many exclusionsnon this 20 off it’s ridiculous :/


    • 1/24/12 21:19 Quinctia:

      Yeah, this isn’t one of the “good” 20% off coupons they sometimes send out–if you’re a rewards member, they send a coupon out a few times a year that’s bascially good on everything in a physical store that’s not already on clearance, or you can even use it for a salon visit if it’s your first time doing that.

      They’re all right if you were thinking of doing a drug store haul, I suppose. I might use mine to buy another pair of these shea butter infused socks which are awesome to wear to bed in the winter.


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