Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil Swatches

Urban Decay has relaunched their 24/7 Concealer Pencil line. Everyone run in circles, foam at the mouth, and fall on the floor….it’s that exciting. I loved the original and I actually ran out (I never hit pan or finish anything, we need cake to celebrate that blessed event) and for some odd reason never repurchased. What is wrong with me?

Now typically concealer pencils make me cringe but their version has always been a smooth, hydrating experience. Plus the nifty little pencil travels around well with me.

The bad news….the formula is actually the same as it always was (with a big minor change that I’ll tell you about in my upcoming review) as in the ingredients haven’t technically changed. What has changed is the packaging and the fact that Urban Decay has added four new shades to the mix to suit the darker skin ladies.

Take a peek!

Original Shades:

  • CIA (very light/creamy ivory)
  • DEA (light/peaches and cream)
  • FBI (light medium/beige)
  • NSA (medium/beige)

New Shades:

  • ATF (medium dark/golden beige)
  • DOD (dark/warm tan)
  • KGB (darker/golden caramel)
  • MI6 (deepest cocoa)

Here are a few little swatchies to enjoy. These are swatched left to right, lightest to darkest, names listed above in the order of their appearance in my photo.

I’ll have a revised review for you soon to tell you how these pencils are a little bit different from the old version and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what the main difference is.

They are available now at urbandecay.com

P.S. Don’t worry anglophiles I’ve already contacted Urban Decay asking for a MI5 shade. That MI6 is way too James Bond for me and no it has nothing to do with my mad crush on Matthew Macfadyen, don’t be so ridiculous!

  • 1/11/12 18:20 Cj:

    Bleh… I hate seeing swatches like this sometimes… Reminds me just how pale I am lmao. So just to be clear, the “big minor change” is a good thing right lol? I think I’m gonna put in an order tonight :)


  • 1/12/12 10:50 Lucy:

    Glad they called that one shade DOD and not DOA as I originally read it- would not be an effective name for a concealer pencil (Dead on Arrival)… 😉 x


  • 3/9/12 15:02 katie:

    will we ever learn what the “big minor change” is?!?! lol


    • 5/14/12 15:19 Em:

      That’s what I’m wondering too, lol.


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