Victoria’s Secret Perfect Lipstick Spring 2012

Happy early V-Day from Victoria’s Secret!

There new Perfect Lipstick evokes images of Valentine’s Day, dontcha just love the packaging?

VS promises a creamy formula loaded with pigment!


  • Hot Kiss (hot pink)
  • First Kiss (dusky rose)
  • Perfect Kiss (lilac violet)
  • Big Kiss (brown pink)

Victoria’s Secret Perfect Lipstick is available now in store for $15 or online at

  • 1/23/12 18:37 Candee:

    Too cute!


  • 1/24/12 7:36 M:

    Lol, I don’t know why but when I read all the name descriptions, I kept thinking about the scene from Nacho Libre, where Jack Black’s character wrote a letter to Sister Encarnacion and signed off with ‘Big kiss, hug hug, small kiss’. LOL.


    • 4/26/12 2:13 Lc:

      Oh my gosh me too!! When I first read it I was like “big kiss…little kiss”


  • 1/24/12 10:30 Meredith from Lushli:

    This is super cute! It has a very gift-wrapped feel – even the tube!


  • 1/24/12 10:55 Majick:

    LOVE that tube!


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