Bath & Body Works Liplicious Glass Collection for Spring 2012

True Story…

I braved the jungle of Walgreens yesterday because I needed pick something up really quick. Stupid, I know. People were jammed packed into a single aisle snatching up chocolate hearts and anything else they could get their hands on like the world was coming to an end or a snow storm was coming, either of those two.

Of course, I had to make a quick pit stop into the cosmetic aisles and what do my eyes behold? A Liplicious Lipgloss sitting, sealed, in a small bin in one of the center aisles that houses newly released makeup displays. I wanted to snap a picture of it but there was employees milling around and they get their panties literally in a bunch when you whip out the old iPhone and start taking photos of makeup. I think it’s against the law, either that or they think I’m some sort of secret shopper.

I’m pretty sure it was some sort of sign of approval telling me it’s ok to buy more Liplicious Lipgloss.

I swear to the makeup gods this really happened.

How odd.

Needless to say my current lemming is the new Liplicious Glass Collection which according to Bath & Body Works are lip essentials for our makeup bags.

Only Mint Glass is popping up so far but I’m curious if the entire Glass Collection will feature clear, flavored glosses because if nothing at all I sure do use a ton of clear gloss.

Liplicious Mint Glass is a super shiny clear topcoat with a minty fresh flavor that’s perfect for everyday use.

Available now at Bath and Body Works.

  • 2/15/12 9:57 Cj:

    Good morning Muse! How was your V-day?
    I never really go to Walgreens, I’m more of a CVS kinda guy lol. I never heard taking pictures in a store was illegal lol that’s crazy.


    • 2/15/12 10:43 the Muse:

      it was lovely ;-D thanks for asking!!!!!!!!! How was yours? :) LOL I don’t think it is but damned if they don’t act like it is! jesus! they get their panties in a bunch over it!


      • 2/15/12 12:07 Cj:

        It was pretty good too, didn’t do anything extravagant just hung out with muh BFF lol.


        • 2/15/12 12:46 the Muse:

          I didn’t either, it was rather geek and low key ;-D but we enjoyed ourselves! that’s all that matters ;-D! I don’t really take V-day that seriously to be honest! We def don’t need a single day to appreciate and remind the people we love that we love them, we should be doing it everyday ;D!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 2/15/12 10:18 kiwikiwidragon:

    MMmmm hhhmmmm, love the way you justify that. I did something similar when I bought Lorac’s unzipped yesterday. I really like their primer btw, have you tried it Muse?


    • 2/15/12 11:41 the Muse:

      I have, pretty good but still love my old formula UDPP ;-D will miss it when it’s gone :(


  • 2/15/12 10:39 Tina:

    I want it! Mint Glass? Yes.


  • 2/15/12 10:53 Stacey:

    When I went to the Valentine party Saturday, I found the mint glass as well as a pink plumping glass…havent tried yet but really excited to!


    • 2/15/12 11:33 the Muse:

      ooo let us know how they are stacey ;D!


  • 2/15/12 13:25 Ashley:

    ROFL…the picture is great


    • 2/15/12 13:57 the Muse:



  • 2/15/12 16:09 Michelle:

    Yeah I think that’s it Muse, they probably freak out and think you’re a secret shopper or something…like a REAL secret shopper is going to be so upfront and start snapping away in the aisles to evaluate the displays or something….Duh!

    PS: Although, from what I understand, the SS’s do have to try to do it discreetly on quite a few occasions.


  • 2/16/12 1:51 tigress:

    That is really odd!


  • 2/16/12 10:33 Ricci:

    Muse? are u a redditor???? Yes I want the mint glass for my mint craving lips!


    • 2/16/12 11:12 the Muse:

      reddit lurker, being a redditor would possibly be insulting LOL ;-D


  • 2/17/12 23:16 Stephanie C:

    Just happened to go to BBW today and fell in love with the Pink Chiffon gloss. I think it’s supposed to smell like the fragrance but it just smells like cotton candy! And tastes like it too! Sadly, I didn’t gt because it’s still pricey. Pretty though, just a really glossy shimmer neutral pink :) if I bought any gloss from BBW it’d be Pink Chiffon!


  • 2/19/12 23:03 Reena:

    Idk why people get sooo worked up about taking pictures! hahaha… like that prevents anyone from piracy… lol… the lip glass looks sooo yummy! <3 I'm not a fan of clear lip glosses though…


  • 3/11/12 17:26 Cupcake:

    Who Doesn’t need clear gloss nowadays may I ask you?


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