Bath & Body Works Liplicious Honeylicious Lip Balm

Bath & Body Works obviously understands we’ve reached out Liplicious Lipgloss limit. I know I have. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, “Where the hell am I going to store all this?” and you also have to tell yourself, “You only have one pair of lips, you only have one pair of lips…”

So what did they do?

Introduced Liplicious Lip Balm. This is a good news, it’s smaller so it’ll store easier and even if you only have one pair of lips there’s still a chance you’ll use up a balm faster than a gloss. I’m making terrible excuses here, aren’t I?


Introducing Liplicious Honeylicious Lip Balm, a new range of moisturizing lip balms infused with honey that come in delicious, honey blended flavors.

  • Bath & Body Works Liplicious Honeylicious Honey Strawberry

  • Bath & Body Works Liplicious Honeylicious Honey Apple

  • Bath & Body Works Liplicious Honeylicious Honey Vanilla

I’m quite curious about these but don’t particularly love the eight dollar price tag, there is a buy 2, get 1 free offer but I always feel so pressured by Bath & Body Works to purchase three in order to get a better deal grrrr!

I’m also not so sure about the honey infusion. Honey is a bit floral and adding that to a fruit flavor doesn’t sound terribly tasty.

What do you think?

Available now at Bath & Body Works.

  • 2/14/12 10:46 Cj:

    I really have no idea why I want these… I mean I probably have a drawer full of tinted lip balms lol. I blame the lipilicious name. You don’t even wanna know how many of the glosses I have x_x


    • 2/14/12 10:56 the Muse:

      *hangs head* ugh, I can’t tell you how many I have!


      • 2/14/12 11:09 Cj:

        We’ll go to liplicious rehab together k? <3 lol


        • 2/14/12 11:13 the Muse:

          LOL ok! good idea ;D!


          • 2/14/12 11:15 Cj:

            just uhh… right after we get these *twitch*

          • 2/14/12 11:15 the Muse:

            LOL ;D

  • 2/14/12 10:59 Stacey:

    I actually hauled these and they pretty good..surprising bc I also wasn’t sure but they are yummy!


    • 2/14/12 11:03 the Muse:

      good to hear it stacey! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to indulge ;D! but sounds good!


  • 2/14/12 11:25 Kim:

    Sounds nice. I think I will check these out the next time I go to BBW (which will be in a few days). I also have tons of Liplicious glosses! :)


    • 6/18/12 23:57 hannah:

      i just got thia product today and i LOVE it. super soft and creamy makes application easy. i would say go ahead and buy them


  • 2/14/12 12:37 kimkats:

    OMG – I must have these. I already have 8,946 lip balms but I must have these – and screw rehab! I like my addiction! 😀 At least it’s cheap, not dangerous or fattening… :)


    • 2/14/12 12:39 the Muse:

      amen sister ;-D


      • 2/14/12 14:54 kimkats:

        SIgh – just got back from getting the honey, the apple honey, and the blueberry honey balms… :) The strawberry one smelled really wierd to me, but the blueberry one… Ooooo…. very sweet and fruity! Also, printed off a coupon for a free travel sized whatever from the core collection, so I got a Twilight Woods body lotion… Hadn’t ever snortled it before, and it’s kinda nice! :)
        Also got a coupon for a free full size signature collex body care item with a purchase of $10 or more (starts March 5). They show a bunch of candles and hand soaps, with names like “Drenched Apple Flower” “Orchid Petal” “Fresh Picked Lemon” and what I think is “Lemon Mint Leaf” On the reciept is the usual phone-in deal to get a code for $10 off $30!

        sooooooo guess I’m going to be going back to BBW in a couple weeks! 😀


  • 2/14/12 14:42 Hoang:

    Honey Vanilla is tempting me.. even when I have a tub full of lip balms that arent even near done!

    One day, can you post a picture of all of your Liplicious lippies? I would love to see 😀


    • 2/14/12 14:47 the Muse:

      ha maybe one day ;D!


  • 2/14/12 15:34 Cinthia:

    They also have a blueberry one. I have that one plus the strawberry, and the vanilla. They taste yummy, and smell good, but the smells are almost too artificial for me. Though they are cute I honestly don’t find them to be worth the $8 because the scents aren’t anything too special and I don’t find them to be as moisturizing as I’d want them to be. You could probably do better at the drugstore for a better price. :)


  • 2/17/12 18:15 Mallory:

    Are the red and pink ones tinted?


  • 2/17/12 22:05 Cali:

    I love me some Liplicious, but no thank you, at least not for $8. I’ll stick to my Softlips, Baby Lips and Hard Candy balms. Amazing and cheap.


  • 2/17/12 23:29 Stephanie C:

    Sososososososo cute and so tempting! But why so pricey… I have 12 unopened balms I still need to go thru, but want these… All of them!! Will have to find a good coupon or something…


  • 2/17/12 23:31 Stephanie C:

    Argh going to this site is so bad for me. I think I’ll check out the balms if it’s buy 2 get 1 LOL With 20% off it’d be 3 for $14/$4 something each? Hmmmm


  • 2/20/12 13:51 JoElla:

    I love balms, love them! I may give these a sniff with the next store event (march 17th relaunch of the Summer vanillas YAY!)


  • 2/22/12 22:08 Mariel:

    Well…there goes any specks of restraint I had left! Must. Buy. Strawberry. Vanilla.


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