Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation

Hello Gorgeous! Or shall I say Hello Flawless?

Benefit is introducing its newest foundation innovation soon and you can be the first to check it out when it airs on HSN this week (Feb 2).

Are you wanting to give it a whirl?

Benefit promises a brightening foundation experience here with natural, flawless coverage that gives skin a healthy glow and an SPF 25 to protect skin.

The brightening formula uses Benefit’s Oxygen Wow Hydrating Complex that includes vitamin C and vitamin E. It also has buildable, light-to-medium coverage.

The foundation launches online Feb 15th and hits stores March 1st but HSN has it available now and will have a special preview of it live tomorrow.

Check it at

Whatcha think?

Benefit has a knack for creating excellent base products. Some of my HG products include Lemon Aid and Hello Flawless! Powder so I’m quite eager to check this out.

  • 2/1/12 10:15 Cj:

    I dunno if im gonna get this. I bought a whole bunch of new foundations and powders that I’m still just trying lol. Buuuut if you end up really liking it, I’ll deff get it lol.

    Btw have you gotten any of my comments about the new skin79 bb cream lol?


    • 2/1/12 12:01 the Muse:

      hey! ;-D how’s you doing? I saw the new BB Cream but didn’t see your comments on it yet…I’m back to my old bad ways with comments lately lol! it’s a mess around here! did you buy it? curious how it is ;-D aw shucks you flatter me go on now! *MWAH*


      • 2/1/12 12:14 Cj:

        I ordered it from ebay, Only 17$ too! It’s supposed to be really good! It’s in an orange can, it has spf50, more of a matte finish, and it’s a lot less grey toned than other bb creams! Aka pure amazing-ness in a can lol, I can’t wait till I get it 😀 I have a super good feeling about this one


        • 2/1/12 12:19 the Muse:

          w00t 😉 I love the gold label (but it is grey/white). Perhaps the matte will prove good for me for summer! gimme deets when it arrives ;-D!


  • 2/1/12 10:52 diane:

    oopss i read qvc post before this one. 😉

    i want this foundation. do u know if the colors go to match the hellow flawless shades?

    i love hello flawless. benefit is one of my favorites.


    • 2/1/12 12:07 the Muse:

      not sure tbh! I got a few but haven’t swatched/compared them to the hello flawless powders ;-D going to get that done shortly.


      • 2/1/12 14:19 diane:

        oohh i can’t wait to see that post!

        just out of curiosity, what color are u in hellow flawless? that might help give me an idea when i go grab this. hehe


        • 2/3/12 13:31 the Muse:

          good question, I can’t actually recall at the moment lmao….I’ll get back to you on that ;D!


  • 2/1/12 10:56 Nikki:

    This looks awesome! I used to use benifits foundation and loved it ( playsticks) until I stopped tanning and their lightest color was too dark. So I’m hoping this new foundation will come in a wider range of colors. I love the high SPF and extra vitamins. And anything that promises brighter glowing skin has to be wonderful! Right? :-)


    • 2/1/12 12:06 the Muse:

      *nods eagerly* brighter yes please!


  • 2/1/12 11:54 Hai Dao L:

    ooooh, i want *.*


  • 2/1/12 13:21 Katie:

    I’m so bad……I already pre-ordered this a week ago:)


  • 2/1/12 13:32 Kim:

    Sounds promising and I read a good review yesterday. I think I will wait until it comes to stores though since there are not that many shades to chose from.


  • 2/1/12 13:54 Andrea:

    Please review this!!! I’m so eager to try it but I hate wasting money on foundations that don’t deliver.

    I also purchased the new Skin79 bb cream in the orange bottle and so far I love it!


  • 2/1/12 13:56 Suzie:

    I really want to try this! I’m interested to see what you end up thinking of it.


  • 2/1/12 15:33 Andrea:

    Ooooh! I really hope this is comparable to Hello Flawless which was my all time favorite foundation! I can’t wait until you try it out and give us the heads up.


  • 2/2/12 12:50 diane:

    Benefits facebook told me that u match your shade in this to the powder foundation color! =)


    • 2/2/12 16:21 the Muse:



    • 2/5/12 10:39 ribbonroses:

      My lovely Benefit lady told be last week that I’d be the same shade in the Hello Flawless liquid foundation too. *excitement!*


      • 2/5/12 10:39 ribbonroses:

        *me, not be. I knowI have a cold but that really shouldn’t affect my typing!! x


  • 2/4/12 10:18 MissMello:

    I wanna try this. I’ve never used the Hello Flawless products but think for my oily shine prone skin it would be a wise investment. Do the shades fun light pinky, yellowy?? Advise please


  • 2/7/12 20:39 Phyrra:

    I’m waiting for mine to get here :) I pre-ordered from HSN.


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