Biore Aroma Collection Pore Strips Happy Grapefruit & Romantic Rose Review

Biore released their Resort Nose Strips in the Summer of 2010. Seriously, what’s better than sitting around with a nose strip on than one that’s like a tropical vacation! These scented nose strips whisked you away to a private paradise as they dug deep into your pores to remove those pesky blackheads.

Hmmm maybe it was a tropical paradise for your blackheads rather than for you.

Either way, aromatherapy in nose strips, can I get a hells yes?

This year, two new scented nose strips have arrived in Japan.

Take a look, they aren’t tropical island paradises but they do bring some fun fruity, floral notes to your nose strip world!

Biore Aroma Collection comes in two scents, Romantic Rose and Happy Grapefruit, oh joy! Happy Days!

Exactly per the name they are an aromatherapy type treatment. The strips work just like any other nose strip. Wet your nose, slap a strip on, sit back, and relax while it dries down. The main difference? These are scented so you get the soothing scent of a rose (or a grapefruit) as the pore strip works.

I’ve always been rather fond of the Japanese Biore Nose Strips, they seem to do a better job stripping out the gunk from my nose. These come in the charcoal version (rose) or the regular white strips (grapefruit).

The Romantic Rose has a sweet rose scent. This is a very pleasant Victorian Rose scent, not a TP (toilet paper) type of scent but more a sweet rose scent. I actually loved it and I don’t typical enjoy floral scents but rose is one of my downfalls when done right.

The Happy Grapefruit is actually just as delightful since it isn’t a sour citrus scent but more of a sweet, happy grapefruit scent.

The scents are actually quite strong so you can smell them throughout the pore strips dry down.

Do you need them?

Probably not but they are a novel little purchase particularly if you use nose strips anyway and just wanted something a little different going on with your regime!

A friend of mine scent them to me from Japan but one of my favorite E-bay sellers, AlphaBeautyUK sells them for a very decent price with shipping.

Pick up a box or two, I think you’ll be delighted. I wish Biore would release some here in the US!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the seller mentioned in this post.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 2/21/12 20:54 Tammie:

    I wish these things would work better for me :(. I do it but I still have loads of blackheads, even with the black one! Do I need to do it more often or something??


    • 2/22/12 10:32 the Muse:

      i steam my face before hand to open pores up a bit before application. plus sometimes I use silver powder prior and than a nose strip, seems to get out the gunk faster!


      • 2/22/12 12:41 Tammie:

        I usually do this after a shower for that reason, or is there more to steaming my face? Also what is silver powder?


        • 2/22/12 12:53 the Muse:

          I normally stick a towel over my head and let the heat steam rise from the sink but a shower is good too! <—silver powder!


          • 2/22/12 13:24 Tammie:

            Thanks! Added that to my Nordstrom cart :)

          • 2/22/12 13:29 the Muse:


  • 2/22/12 0:06 Dao:

    I saw a pack of sakura scented nose pore strips when I went shopping before. Since I’m used to the regular unscented ones, I didn’t pick it up but got the regular one instead. Btw, did you notice how much better the pore strips lift the gunk off your nose? I didn’t use Biore for a while and when I used the strips again, all I could say ways “wow!”


  • 2/22/12 11:38 midori:

    I didn’t know they had scented versions…must hunt them down when I go home. Thank you for the heads up Muse!

    From my experience, the men’s version work better at pulling out stubborn blackheads. I also massage my nose with a gel that opens up pores beforehand to get better results ; )


    • 2/22/12 12:23 the Muse:

      my pleasure dear!


    • 2/22/12 12:42 Tammie:

      Thanks Midori, I’ll have to look into that…kinda weird that it’s like that, as if women don’t get bad blackheads too!! What kind of gel do you use, I’d like to give it a try…my nose is so gross lol.


      • 2/22/12 14:38 midori:

        I use Poretol’s Clear Gel. I’m not sure about its availability outside Japan, though…


  • 2/22/12 23:07 Tiffany Martin:

    Oh this sounds glorious, but which one smells best? I have never used a pore strip before, either, but I am glad you give us tips on how… anything else I should know to de-pore like a pro?


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