Dior Diorsnow UV Shield White Reveal BB Creme SPF 50 PA+++ Now Available in the US

Dior’s BB Cream has been around for a while in Asia however it joins the US Diorsnow Collection this Spring here in the US.

This is an exciting release since I don’t think Dior mucked with the formula. What you get in the Eastern market looks about the same as you would here in the Western one.

This is a lightweight formula that not only brightens skin and promises a reduction of dark spots but also sports a whooping amount of SPF, SPF 50 to be exact.

The price is also a little friendlier here in the US at $50.

It’s available now at Dior counters as well as fine retailers such as Nordstrom.

Which BB Creams have you tried here in the US that you thought were great?

Do share!

  • 2/14/12 11:27 Kim:

    Muse, Have you tried any of the other DiorSnow products? I hear they are fantastic but the price point is a bit high for me. I haven’t found any BB cream that I like here in the US. I’ll wait for reviews of this before thinking about indulging. Thanks.


    • 2/14/12 11:35 the Muse:

      hi kim, I actually have the complete line including the BB cream. They aren’t as effective as I had hoped to be honest :( I ended up reverting back to Philosopy’s Miracle Worker Collection as I see the best results with those. I know they get a ton of love and raves in Asia but Dior Snow just didn’t do it for me sadly :(


  • 2/14/12 14:51 Grace:

    I can’t believe it is being released in the U.S.! Hopefully it will migrate to Canada eventually… or I will head down to Seattle myself :) This BB cream got some pretty good ratings in Asian magazines so I am curious if they changed the formula or not.


    • 2/14/12 15:11 the Muse:

      I am too, already own the asian one may just indulge in this one, curious!


  • 2/14/12 15:29 Cj:

    $50?? Geez, I think I’m becoming a cheapo ever since I got the skin79 one for $17 Lol! Is the Dior one good? My favorite US bb cream is the dr jart water fuse one :) But it can’t compare to the skin79 one I got lol.

    Btw I posted my thoughts about it on the mineralize concealer post ๐Ÿ˜€


  • 2/14/12 18:44 Barbara:

    Do you know anything about the shade offering? The Nordstrom site has no info on it.


    • 2/14/12 18:47 the Muse:

      it’s a bb cream Barbara, bb creams are only one shade hun. sometimes two if you’re lucky


      • 2/14/12 18:52 Barbara:

        I understand. I only asked because I’m pretty fair so if it’s one that is better suited for medium skintones, then I’m out of luck.


        • 2/14/12 18:59 the Muse:

          this runs pretty fair, but I have the one from Asia, this could be different, I haven’t tried the US version.


    • 2/14/12 18:50 Barbara:

      Oh, and regarding your question at the end of the post, I’ve yet to find a bb cream that works with my skin. They’ve either broke me out, didn’t match my skin, or started migrating toward the drier areas around my mouth and jaw line. Though, I still prefer them to foundation because there was one that was great (Missha Chobo Yang, I think) that worked so well for my skin, but it was way too dark and too pink. It lasted all day (which was something I thought was impossible for my oily skin), covered dark acne spots and didn’t break me out.

      People seem to really like Missha Perfect Cover, but I thought it was horrible. It felt so heavy and greasy on my face and barely lasted a couple hours.

      Hopefully the search ends with Dior as I’m a big fan of their cosmetics line.


      • 2/14/12 18:59 the Muse:

        aw sorry to hear it Barbara, perhaps BRTC or Skin79 would be better suited for your skin tone/type.


        • 2/14/12 19:00 the Muse:

          PS Missha has so much fragrance it it, that might be what causes break outs/issues.


          • 2/14/12 20:21 Barbara:

            Thank you for the recommendations and your other reply above! I’ll check them out.

  • 2/14/12 21:38 Jess:

    I have this bb cream – and its my favorite US (is it US? well i mean not asian brand) brand BB Cream! I was able to pick it up in Dec, since it was preselling near me. You will love it!!! ๐Ÿ˜€


    • 3/13/12 7:39 Daisy:

      Well, it’s Dior so it’s a French brand ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • 2/18/12 3:29 Christ:

    I think it’s fantastic that more US companies are riding the BB cream bandwagon (I am holding out for Boots) but i just picked up a Korean cream called A.C. Care. Seems to have more coverage/matte finish. Only road tested once so far.
    I am curious of your opinion on the gel exfoliation lotions that are coming out of Korea. I also picked up a set from Touch Therapy – a gel you apply and then rub off, and something called Water Essence which seems like a light moisturizer. My skin felt great after using but time will tell.
    I am lucky we have a Korean grocery or two with cosmetics counters in my area :)


  • 2/18/12 3:30 Christie:

    Sorry – missing the ie on my name – that could look odd to some people – no offense :)


  • 3/7/12 22:46 Ali:

    I love the Diorsnow range and Iโ€™d love to try this but Iโ€™m certain it is too dark for me! Muse have you tried the Diorsnow liquid foundation? I really want to try it but Iโ€™ll have to buy it online because it isnโ€™t sold in my country and I have no idea what shade to buy, or if there is a shade suitable for me.


    • 3/12/12 16:00 the Muse:

      I have not hun, just the skincare line and the bb cream. it’s prob lovely I’m sure. sadly, I’m not sure of the color selection so can’t really advise as I haven’ tried.


  • 3/17/12 23:03 LBD:

    Hello- I am a little late on the BB cream scene and my only experience is diorSnow but I love it! I am 42 and have normal skin with a bit of an oily t zone. I was not interested in diorSnow was content to just swing by a Dior counter and pick up my usual foundation but received samples of BB and tried over 4 days. Had to purchase as it is just perfect for me. The shade is spot on, the texture is to my liking and it lasts all day. My face is not matte but not shiny either. It covers minor freckle like spots and just looks amazing. Honestly I might be in the minority but I love it!


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